/ 5 October 2011

‘Anarchists are destabilising the ANC in Gauteng’

A "notorious gang of anarchists" with links to cash heists and dirty money is attempting to destabilise the ANC's Gauteng structures, the party says.

A “notorious gang of anarchists” with links to cash heists is attempting to destabilise the Gauteng ANC, the party said on Wednesday.

“We are very concerned about what appears to be a well-funded and co-ordinated campaign to try and destabilise not only Tshwane, but the entire province of Gauteng,” provincial secretary David Makhura told reporters in Johannesburg.

“Our investigation will expose the hidden hand of business people who are fuelling and financing activities that seek to disrupt the functioning of the ANC.”

Tshwane mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa was elected as the party’s Tshwane leader during an election held at the weekend.

In a parallel meeting, apparently held by a group of disgruntled party members, Mafika Mahlangu was elected chairperson.

“Mafika is the brains behind this disruption. The gathering was organised by a notorious gang of anarchists, most of whom have disciplinary cases,” said Makhura.

“They have lots of money, and we don’t know where it comes from. We suspect that they have dirty money… they are armed and some of them were involved in heists,” he claimed. — Sapa