The truth is out there: Free State puzzled by UFOs

Fiery unidentified flying objects over the Free State have left star gazers puzzled, the Volksblad newspaper reported on Thursday.

Riaan van Greuning, of the Mpumalanga hamlet of Eloff near Delmas, said that on Sunday night at around 10pm he saw a strange phenomenon while travelling in the Harrismith area and took photographs of what looked like fireballs.

“It was cloudy and the phenomenon was fairly low in the sky. Five of these objects appeared in a matter of 20 minutes,” the report quoted Van Greuning as saying.

He said the fireballs moved from north to south, made no noise and were relatively slow moving.

“I do not know what it was. Something like this makes one think. All I know is that it was not a helicopter’s searchlight.”

Van Greuning said since the incident he had consulted several websites but could not get clarity on what he saw.

He does not believe in aliens but admitted the incident was “a strange thing”.

The newspaper reported that Bloemfontein readers wrote on its Facebook page they also have seen “strange lights” the past few nights.

South Africa is hosting a UFO conference in Johannesburg from November 25 to 27.—Sapa

Phillip de Wet

Phillip de Wet

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