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FK Norway (Fredskorpset) wishes to enter into agreements with suppliers of venues and logistical services for our international training courses in Africa and Asia. Venues can be hotels, conference centres or campuses. The venue must be able to offer safe and modest accommodation for up to 150 delegates and conference facilities for 2-3 parallel training events. The total value of the contract is approximately up to 1,3 mill USD.

Please find more information about this tender at the publication site

The objective and scope of the purchase:
FK Norway has published this competition to find supplier(s) of course venues and practical and logistical services for FK Norway`s international training.

On a yearly basis, up to eight -8- courses will be held. These will be divided between locations in Eastern or Southern Africa and Thailand according to the number of participants in Asia and Africa for the current years.

The estimated value of the contract is purely an estimate and shall not be binding for the buyer. The practical and logistical services include amongst other things transport to and from the airport and registration of the attendees. A typical course lasts approximately 10-12 days where a smaller part of the group, only stays 3-5 days.

The scope of the practical and logistical service and venue requirements is further described in the tender documents you will find at the publication site. (See link above)

The content of the training, including lectures, are not part of the scope of this contract and are being arranged by the Buyer on the basis of a separate tender process.

What is FK Norway?
FK Norway is a governmental body under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We facilitate mutual exchange of professionals between partnering institutions in Norway, Africa, Asia and Latin America. During the last 10 years, 5000 people have through FK Norway been living and working in a foreign country, contributing to positive change, development and increased intercultural understanding in institutions and local communities.

FK Norway represents a unique program globally, in that it facilitates mutual exchange through institutional partnerships. Read more about us at

Contact details: If you have any problems downloading the tender documents, or have questions regarding the tender process, please contact Heidi Seglem: [email protected]. Note that the deadline for submitting a tender is the 11.04.2012 at 16:00 CET. We look forward receiving your tender!

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