Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA)

Invitation of Bid Proposals

Bid Number: E1215

Integrative Writer and Author of the Three Sections of the 2012 South Africa Environment Outlook

The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) hereby invites potential specialist writers to submit bid proposals outlining how they could support the department in performing the following tasks:

1. Integrate the following 9 (nine) final specialist chapters of the 2012 South Africa Environment Outlook (SAEO) to ensure coherence and sufficient cross-referencing: - Land
- Biodiversity and ecosystems health - Inland water - Oceans and coasts - Air quality - Climate change - Human settlements - Energy - Waste management;
2. Prepare an “Introductory Part” of the 2012 SAEO. This section of the report will include chapters on: (a) Sustainability in South Africa, (b) the Key Drivers of Environmental Change in South Africa and (c) Environmental Governance;
3. Prepare a chapter that assesses the country’s performance against the four “Current Future” scenarios for environmental change presented in the SAEO 2006;
4. Prepare a chapter detailing the “Options for Action” that should be considered by policy and decision-makers to avoid a negative “current future” scenario and propel South Africa on a sustainable growth path; and
5. Prepare an “Executive Summary Report” for the 2012 SAEO.

The successful specialist author(s) will be required to carry out an analysis of the 9 specialist chapters of the 2012 SAEO and Part I, Part IV and Part V of the 2006 SAEO in order to integrate the chapters and draft the 3 sections (point 2 - 4 outlined above) of the 2012 SAEO. The draft 2012 SAEO will subsequently be analysed to identify key drivers of environmental change; the current state of the environment; and the conclusions and recommendations for action in order to compile the executive summary report.

Bid documents are obtainable from the Department of Environmental Affairs, the Information Centre, 315 Pretorius Street, 1st Floor, North Tower or our website:

A briefing session will be held on 7 May 2012 at 10:30 at the above address, Reception, 2nd Floor, North Tower.

Enquiries should be submitted to: Ms Anna Mampye, Directorate: State of the Environment and Environmental Statistics, Department of Environmental Affairs, Private Bag X447, Pretoria 0001; tel. +27 12 310 3618 / +27 12 395 1757; e-mail: [email protected]

Bid proposals should be submitted in the Tender Box on or before 11 May 2012 at 11:00. The Tender Box is situated on the 2nd Floor in the
North Tower.

NB: No late bids will be accepted.

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