Notice of a Call for proposals for a review of the East and Southern African Association of Accountants-General (ESAAG)


ESAAG was established as a forum and cooperative effort of Accountants-General to review and discuss comparative experiences and to assist member countries to improve government accounting systems in order to produce financial statements in accordance with international standards. The Association was formally established in 1995 and the organisation has evolved over the years serving it members through technical and capacity building interventions. A need exists to review the organisation, its products and services and formulate ESAAG’s direction for ensuing years.


The objective of the review is to provide inputs for the on-going strategic and operational planning process of ESAAG. More specifically, the review will require specific focus on an evaluation of the long and short term results that ESAAG has achieved. Further, the review shall provide basic information to ESAAG and the respective donors in their decision-making on the size and scope of possible future support and how to provide the most efficient assistance.

A detailed description of the scope of the review is formulated a Terms of Reference (TOR) which is available to interested service providers on request.
Profile of service provider

The review will be conducted by a team consisting of two consultants, that will be assisted by a representative of ESAAG. The two-member service provider team should comply with the requirements stipulated in ToR.

Project proposal requirements

A comprehensive outline of how the service provider intends to negotiate the scope of work and deliverables enumerated in the Terms of Reference ● Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae of all members of the bidding team ● Comprehensive costing that detail, from the perspective of the bidder, all budgetary considerations ● In addition, proposals must be accompanied by a Tax Clearance certificate and company profile

For copy of the TOR contact:
Schalk Human Tel: (012) 315 5071.
Email: [email protected] OR Lindi Morrison Tel: +27 (12) 315 5071
Email: [email protected]

Submissions (proposal and quotation) are to be submitted to the ESAAG Secretariat no later than 16:00, 7th May 2012 at: ESAAG Secretariat, C/o National Treasury, 19th Floor, 240 Vermeulen Street, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa

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