Corrections and clarifications: 2012

July 2
In a previous version of the story "Cape Town car-texters to forfeit phones, fork out R500", the story incorrectly stated that the fine, when caught texting or talking on a cellphone while driving, was R5 000. It is, in fact, R500. We apologise for the error.

June 4
In a previous version of the story "Development is SA's weak spot", the paragraph that reads "Kenya's civil unrest between 2007 and 2008 did set the country back, but since then its economy has experienced an "absolute transformation", according to Khan." was incorrect. In fact, it should have read "Kenya's civil unrest in 2007 and 2008 did set the country back, but prior to this its economy had seen an "absolute transformation" said Khan. We apologise for the error.

May 25
In a previous version of the story "Suffer the sense of belonging", references to the case of a teenager who was allegedly sexually abused at a school rugby camp were made. Unfortunately the caption that accompanies the article stated as fact that the boy was sodomised. However, this has not been established, and a Western Cape education department probe has reportedly found no evidence of sexual assault, although it did criticise initiation practices at the school. We regret the error.

May 13
In the story "Phosa wants state to fund parties", it was stated that in 2005 Idasa and other organisations approached the courts to force parties to disclose the identity of private donors. In fact, while Idasa was the main applicant, the only other applicants were Idasa's Judith February and Brett Davidson, acting in their personal capacities.

April 24
A previous version of the story "Fraudsters hit Cell C in bandwidth voucher scam" carried the headline "Cyber-crooks siphoning off Cell C bandwidth", and said that bandwidth had been siphoned off customers' accounts by fraudsters. This was incorrect. As the story now reflects, the fraud was committed against Cell C, and not the customers themselves.

March 27
In the original version of the story "DA Youth: The ANC needs to change, not the Constitution", we reported that a DA Youth poster featured the words, "In our future, you wouldn't think twice". In fact, it said, "In our future, you wouldn't look twice." This has been corrected.

March 26
In the story "Philander lays waste to Kiwi wickets in astonishing Test debut" the headline was incorrect: in fact, the Test match in question was Vernon Philander's seventh. The headline has been changed accordingly.

March 22
In an article published on March 19, "No more rhinos in SA game parks by 2015", we incorrectly stated that at the rate of poaching in South Africa, the rhino population would be extinct by 2015. This has been corrected to 2050.

March 2
In an article published on March 1, "Malema not in the political wilderness just yet", we incorrectly stated that Eusebius McKaiser is a political analyst at the Centre for the Study of Democracy. He is, in fact, a political analyst at the Wits Centre for Ethics.

February 27
In a report published on December 15, "Speculation rife after NPA drops case against Mdluli", the Mail & Guardian incorrectly indicated that we had approached advocate Lawrence Mrwebi for comment but that he had not responded by the time of going to print.

In fact, the spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority Mthunzi Mhaga was approached for comment but did not respond.

February 22
The story "Vavi: Implats' actions amount to apartheid", we incorrectly originally stated that four people had died in the Implats strike. In fact, two people died.

February 21
In a previous version of the story "Mulder softens his stance on land reform comments", we incorrectly stated that Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder backtracked on his comments he made about land reform. He further expanded on his comments he made about land reform and said he stood by his assertions.

January 17
In a previous version of the story "Godongwana denies quitting over R100m pension scandal" we incorrectly stated that "Canyon Springs' financial records showed that vast sums of money had been paid out to the minister of economic development, Ebrahim Patel, who was then the general secretary of Sactwu". The funds were in fact paid to Mohan Patel, who was the director of the company at the time. We apologise for the error, which has now been corrected.

January 9
The print version of the story "The intentional tourist: Assassin fears assassination" stated that lawyer Bertus Preller had previously had a minority share in Olimp Sports Bar. While Preller had been involved with the establishment, it was incorrect to state that he was a minority shareholder.

January 5
In the original version of the Sapa story headlined "Madiba at ANC centenary? 'The spirit must move the old man'", it was stated that Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe was expected to attend the ANC's centenary celebrations. It has since been established that Mugabe will not be attending.

January 1
In the original version of the story "Hillbrow enjoys a 'tame' New Year's", we incorrectly referred to the head of the police operation as "SAPS Hillbrow operations commander Major-General Teko Baratsi". This ought to have read: "SAPS Hillbrow cluster commander Major-General Theko Pharasi". We apologise for the error, which has now been corrected.


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