/ 10 June 2012

Block: ANC members must put an end to laziness

Northern Cape ANC chairperson John Block.
Northern Cape ANC chairperson John Block.

“Some of our comrades are plain lazy to do their work,” Block told delegates in Upington.

The ANC leader said many councillors were quick to earn their salaries, even asking for increases but were too lazy to do their work.

“Laziness is an enemy of the revolution.”

Block said these lazy councillors usually took their time responding to complaints.

Arrogant comrades
He said sometimes elected public representatives took months to respond to complaints and sat in offices while they were there to communicate with people on the ground.

Block also referred to arrogant comrades who had forgotten the people that elected them. He also included in the group government officials obsessed with rank and title.

The ANC leader said the past years had shown that those obsessed with rank and title ended up as nobodies because they had lost their link with normal people on the ground.

“Title and positions are temporarily … renewal must come sometime,” said Block.

The ANC leader also urged members to improve themselves constantly in their professional lives.

“There are comrades after 18 years who made no attempt to improve themselves because the ANC would look after them.”

Block said being in charge of a church’s finances did not make anybody a good chief financial officer in a government department.

The ANC leader, elected for the third time as chairperson this week, said the Northern Cape had shown that the ANC could hold conferences without violence.

“You have set the standard for all ANC conferences,” Block told delegates.

He alluded to some attempts to disrupt the Upington meeting but said “they failed … buses went back empty”. – Sapa