/ 17 October 2012

Mutual & Federal

Basetsana Magano
Basetsana Magano

Last financial year's turnover Not available.

Name of chief HR officer Basetsana Magano, executive general manager.

Split of staff Permanent staff: South Africa 2 257, Botswana 20 and Namibia 93.

Main line of business Mutual & Federal is the oldest short-term insurer in Southern Africa. It has a proud tradition of service and quality.

What is the company's HR strategy? Mutual & Federal has positioned itself not only as the insurer of choice, but also wants to ensure it has relevant products for each of its markets.

Furthermore, it is committed to using the channels that suit the unique needs of its customers. Mutual & Federal aims to be an employer of choice and human resources are at the core of the company's efforts to create sustainable growth and profitability. Basetsana Magano

What is the company's BEE strategy? From a compliance perspective, Mutual & Federal has a level two rating. However, the company believes transformation is not just about numbers, but also about a holistic approach that creates an inclusive culture in the organisation.

It sees transformation as contributing to the bigger picture in South Africa.

Total SA

Number of employees 750.

Last financial year's turnover Approximately R20-billion.

Name of chief HR officer Dr J Gule, General Manager: HR and Transformation.

Split of staff Sales and marketing: 225 Operations: 247 Strategy: 57 HR and Transformation: 32 Legal and Governance: 49 Finance and IS: 98 Specialists: 116 General Management: 3 (827 positions)

Main line of business Total is a petroleum products marketing company (with capacity to refine crude as well as manufacture lubricants).

What is the your HR strategy? The company's HR department partners with line departments to ensure that there is a diverse, qualified, healthy and highly motivated and fit for purpose calibre of staff that is focused on achieving a spectrum of the company's strategic objectives within the ambit of the prevailing legal framework and appropriate practices. The company's leaders and managers are enabled to orchestrate team performance towards profitability and sustaina- bility of the company anchored on core values and behaviours.

What is the your BEE strategy? The company's transformation strategy is to ensure that all South Africans, especially those from previously disadvantaged back- grounds, including women and people with disabilities, are integrated into business activities and Total's supply value chain, that our culture is supportive of new entrants and our stakeholders, and that by embracing and celebrating difference we ensure beneficial and sustainable business and growth for our shareholders and maintain the highest BEE rating level (currently BEE level two Contributor).