Procter & Gamble

Sade Olashore. (Procter & Gamble)

Sade Olashore. (Procter & Gamble)

Last financial year's turnover $82.6-billion (global turnover).

Associate director: HR Sade Olashore.

Split of staff Management: 141

personnel Administrative and technical: 51.

Main line of business Procter & Gamble is an internation- ally acclaimed and proud provider of consumer brands in the form of health, home, beauty, baby and per- sonal care products.

What is the company's HR strategy? At Proctor & Gamble, people are the most important. The company recruits the best people and sub- stantially invests in training its employees. It matches employees'passion to jobs and provides ongo- ing training and coaching to equip them to perform in their roles. It also employs a build-from-within culture and therefore has a strong graduate focus.

What is the company's BEE strategy? Proctor & Gamble is committed to driving black economic empower- ment and has a two-pronged approach to achieving its BEE objectives within two years.

It has embedded BEE as a way of doing business sustainably and is a level six contributor. BEE has been integrated into its local strategies, execution and support models. Proctor & Gamble is investing in sustainable initiatives, including meeting and exceeding employment equity targets, improving its skills development offering, exceeding the minimum requirements on prefer- ential procurement and developing existing local suppliers in a more sustainable manner.


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