/ 19 October 2012


Peter Warrener
Peter Warrener

Last financial year's turnover R13.4-billion (2011 financial year).

Group HR Director Peter Warrener.

Split of staff Management: 7%

Administration and support services: 33%

Nursing and pharmacy professionals: 55% Learners: 5%

Main line of business The provision of private hospital and trauma services as well as emergency, medical and dental services.

What is your HR Strategy? Netcare's HR strategy is embedded in interventions to facilitate the identification, development and positive recognition of behaviours that will facilitate the business objective of achieving sustainably higher returns than competitors in a unique and meaningful way.

This HR strategy focuses on identifying and nurturing talent at all levels and, importantly, plays a firm guiding role in developing the appropriate leadership behaviour, given the direct impact this has on the culture of the organisation.

What is your BEE strategy? The healthcare group's BEE strategy is grounded in the objectives of striving to normalise all components of our society.

It has therefore developed a structured approach across the spheres of social, economic, employment and development of both Netcare staff and the communities in which it operates.

The group is currently focusing its efforts on increasing the number of employees with disabilities and improving its BEE procurement practices.

What is the secret of your company's success as an employer? Netcare says it is in the privileged position of constantly being able to make a positive difference to people in their times of need, and because of this attracts special types of employ- ees who can identify with the group's core values of care, truth, dignity, passion and participation.

This creates a responsibility on the group to tap into the giving and caring nature of its employees in ways that will allow them to do their best in the crucial work they perform on a daily basis.

To better understand staff views, Netcare conducts externally administered engagement surveys that provide it with valuable information on where it could be doing better in the eyes of its employees.

Future plans around your HR/ employment/BEE strategy In the coming year, Netcare will continue to work on its 'normalisa- tion' projects in the BEE sphere and expects to see these endeavours bearing fruit.

It will also be continuing its focus on embedding its 'Caring the Netcare Way' intervention that focuses on five simple behaviours that it aims to inculcate into all of its daily internal and external interactions.