M&G Newsroom: From Guptas to Sona

Verashni Pillay, Nickolaus Bauer, Mmanaledi Mataboge and ​Amanda Strydom.

Verashni Pillay, Nickolaus Bauer, Mmanaledi Mataboge and ​Amanda Strydom.

They'll take you through the news making headlines – both in the Mail & Guardian and elsewhere.

From the Guptas' plans for a 24-hour TV channel, to the ongoing story of collusions in the construction industry, we break down the big news into bite-sized chunks.

This year's State of the Nation Address will fall on Valentine’s day and Phillip and Verashni will discuss some expectations ahead of Jacob Zuma’s speech.

They’ll also explore the latest tech news in Silicon Alley, as well as delve into the arts and entertainment scene.

Of course there’s the Weekly Choon, where we dedicate a song and take a snipe at a deserving public figure of the week.

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Meet the presenters:

  • Mmanaledi Mataboge is one of the country's top political reporters with a background in radio.@MmanalediM 
  • Verashni Pillay is the deputy editor of the M&G Online, columnist and Twitter addict. @verashni
  • Nickolaus Bauer is an M&G news reporter chasing stories ranging between politics, sports, big business and social justice. @NickolausBAUER
  • ?Amanda Strydom is the M&G Online's night editor and reading fiend. @A_Strydom
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