/ 21 May 2013

Lederhosen for Bieber’s monkey

Justin Bieber's monkey Mally
Justin Bieber's monkey Mally

Mally the Monkey was seized by German customs March 28 when Bieber failed to produce required vaccination and import papers for the animal after landing in Munich.

He had until midnight on Friday to produce those documents. Customs spokesperson Thomas Meister said officials received no documents.

He said the customs authority would formally transfer ownership of the animal to Germany on Tuesday. Bieber will then have six weeks to contest the decision.

It was not immediately clear when authorities will make a decision on the monkey's permanent home. Mally, a capuchin monkey, has been cared for at Munich's animal shelter since being taken into quarantine.

Bieber heist
Bieber recently performed in South Africa as part of his world tour. Over R1-million of concert proceeds was stolen just after his Johannesburg concert.

The money was stolen from the stadium's strong room, where cash proceeds from the Bieber and Bon Jovi concerts were locked away over the weekend

A stadium employee realised the doors leading to the main safe had been tampered with.

The Star reported that the robbers got into the women's toilet next to the strong room. They climbed into the ceiling, chiselled through an adjoining wall and lowered themselves into the strong room through a hole they made in the ceiling.

Grobbelaar said it was suspected that the heist was an inside job, as the wall leading to the safe could not have been broken through in a few hours. – Sapa-AP