/ 2 June 2013

Red Cross barred from key Syria town during battle

Activist Hadi Abdullah in the town of Qusair
Activist Hadi Abdullah in the town of Qusair

The SANA news agency say UN chief Ban Ki-moon called foreign minister Walid al-Moallem on Sunday to express concern over the situation in the town of Qusair.

The regime launched an offensive against Qusair three weeks ago and has gained ground, though rebels have defended some positions.

On Saturday, the International Committee of the Red Cross and UN humanitarian agencies called for a cease-fire, expressing alarm over the fate of thousands of civilians believed to be trapped there, including many wounded.

SANA says al-Moallem told Ban the Red Cross and others will be able to enter Qusair "after the end of military operations there." – Sapa-AP