/ 10 July 2013

New guitars and a recording contract for beaten, blind busker

New Guitars And A Recording Contract For Beaten, Blind Busker

Cellphone video footage showed Nono being assaulted on Monday by metro police officers, and then being dragged, by his hands and feet, through Greenmarket Square. Nono allegedly performed for longer than what his permit allowed.

The neck of Nono’s guitar was broken as he resisted being placed in the back of a police van. Nono and his wife Abigail were taken to the police station and he was issued with a R1 500 fine.

On Tuesday Rolling Stone SA magazine called for donations for a new guitar from its readers.

South African award-winning acoustic guitarist Tony Cox heard the plea and donated a Takamine acoustic guitar to Nono. Shortly after, entertainment site Don't Party also donated a guitar.

Rooftop Recording Studio’s Matthew Davison also offered to record and mix a song for Nono, to post on YouTube and other online music video channels.

The City of Cape Town said they will investigate the assault on Nono.