Fired FHM editor Barashenkov called women 'semen receptacles'

Two FHM writers were dismissed after 'joking' about corrective rape. (Reuters)

Two FHM writers were dismissed after 'joking' about corrective rape. (Reuters)

"Doing some quick math, that puts anywhere between 30 and 64 semen receptacles within a 15 metre radius of our sleeping ground," FHM features editor Max Barashenkov reportedly wrote three years ago.

Barashenkov and editoral assistant Montle Moorosi were dismissed on Friday.

On Tuesday, Barashenkov reportedly posted on his Facebook wall: "I propose correctional [sic] rape and sterilisation for any white person who twerks [dances]."

In reply, Moorosi reportedly wrote: "I think rape can be quite fun if executed in a romantic manner.

"Like saying 'I love you' before you slip a roofie [Rohypnol, a sedative] in her Earl Grey tea."

Artist Linda Stupart, who exposed the two journalists on Twitter, told the newspaper this was not the first time Barashenkov had made offensive remarks.

She pointed to an article Barashenkov wrote three years ago on, and in which he referred to women as "semen receptacles".

Media lawyer Dario Milo reportedly told the Star he believed the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration would uphold the dismissal if it was brought before it. – Sapa


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