New M&G Women - bookmark it

It kicks off with novelist Fiona Snyckers asking why we need a women's section. Are we perpetuating patriarchal stereotypes by doing so? Take a peek and judge for yourself.

"As long as women are regarded as a minority interest group, it makes perfect sense for them to have their own section," she says.

M&G Women will join the debate on issues such as how women are misrepresented in the media, lesbophobia, abortion, genetically modified food and how to handle the Twitter trolls.

It offers tips for getting out of the office on time, how to talk to your kids and tackle those horse-meat worries.

It showcases strong, opinionated bloggers such as Snyckers, Sarah Britten, Koketso Moeti, Jennifer Thorpe, Mia Von Scha and Tiffany Markman.

It curates the best of the Mail & Guardian's published content and other relevant pieces from the net.

Aliki Karasaridis

Aliki Karasaridis

Aliki Karasaridis is the Mail & Guardian's Women and Thought Leader editor. In between juggling bloggers, trolls and running after her toddler, she's desperately trying to get some sleep. Technicolor films make her happy and she loves a good digital or home-made feed. Read more from Aliki Karasaridis

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