Aliki Karasaridis

Faces of war counter complacency

Bram Janssen, a former Mail & Guardian photography intern who now works for Associated Press, has been based in northern Iraq for the past 20 months.

New M&G Women – bookmark it

Want to talk about equality, fertility apps and women in the news? Now you can … at the Mail & Guardian's new women's hub, which launches today.

Online censorship in 2012

The number of countries filtering online content has increased. Pornography and security are reasons given to block politically sensitive information.

Aliki Karasaridis: A test of our constitutional rights

Thought Leader's editor wonders whether the severity of South Africa's political discourse warrants the severity of Zapiro's latest cartoon.

Government 2.0

Some politicians have taken to using social media as a tool to measure social unrest, while others are using it to engage citizens and cut costs.

Thought Leader commenter awards: The yays and nays

TL editor Aliki Karasaridis hands out awards to the best -- and most notorious -- of the commenter who contribute to this thriving community.

Debating race isn’t backward

It's been pretty clear over the past few weeks that SA's Rainbow Nation is still paying the price for papering over its differences and cracks.

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