/ 10 August 2013

PAC conference endorses Mphahlele’s expulsion

Pac Conference Endorses Mphahlele's Expulsion

Five hundred delegates at the Pan Africanist Congress's two-day conference in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg, unanimously decided on Friday to uphold Mphahlele expulsion, Moloto said on Saturday.

"We are happy the task has been accomplished.

"The bigger task is to rebuild the PAC and prepare ourselves for elections," he said.

Mphahlele was expelled from the party in May on charges of financial impropriety, bringing the party into disrepute, and not steering the party in the right direction.

The High Court in Johannesburg later nullified this decision. The national executive committee is appealing the ruling.

The PAC said it was unfortunate that Mphahlele rejected an invitation to the party's annual conference where he was expected to appeal his expulsion, and labelled it a "clown's kangaroo court". –  Sapa