/ 6 February 2014

‘Sochi for the win’, said no one ever

'sochi For The Win', Said No One Ever

After months and months of planning clouded with its fair share of controversy, the Russian winter Olympics, according to some journalists on Twitter, can be described in two words: epic fail.

The media contingent that travelled to the country to provide coverage for the games is having a hard time when it comes to provisions.

Now, nobody said every journalist needs their own private trailer with a bubbling hot tub and cognac on tap, (okay some journos do actually expect that), but perhaps standard sanitary provisions, working door handles and slightly more liveable hotel rooms could have been considered by the organisers?

Not long after #SochiProblems started trending on Twitter, it got its own handle: @SochiProblems – which is dedicated to tweeting the plight journalists and others face at the event. 

Here's a look at nine of the funniest tweets so far from the @SochiProblems account.

1. Hmmm … if it's yellow let it mellow?

2. Another hallway, another adventure. 

3. Who needs comfort, or guests, when you have minimalism? Art over everything in Russia. Always.

4. Fire in the hole …

5. Why enter your minimalist-looking hotel room when you can just chill out in the hallway with a doorknob in your hand. So conceptual.

6. When in Russia, poo as the Russians poo …

7. At least they're thoughtful. If you can't reach the bin, you can have your pals come sit in the toilet with you so that they can help.

8. Hanging in there?

9. None of the above matters though. Not when you get to fall asleep to that face every night. Never fear when Putin is here?