/ 7 April 2014

Mandla Hlatshwayo wins Big Brother Mzansi

Big Brother Mzansi winner Mandla Hlatshwayo.
Big Brother Mzansi winner Mandla Hlatshwayo.

On Sunday evening, audience favourite Mandla Hlatshwayo was announced as the winner of Big Brother Mzansi

The Sebokeng spaza-shop owner walked away from his 63-day stay in the house with the grand prize of R1-million.

The reality show started on Sunday February 2 with 18 participants, and in the end six housemates remained in the game, all of whom had no idea the finale was upon them. The remaining six were Iris, Kat, Loko, Mandla, MK and Sol.

With over four-million votes cast in the final week, results of the public votes were delivered to presenter Lungile Radu by auditing firm SizweNtsalubaGobodo, while the unsuspecting remaining housemates were given instructions by Big Brother.

Iris and Kat were told to make their way to the vault and Mandla, MK, Loko and Sol were sent to the party room.

Once in the vault, Iris and Kat were faced with a screen and a buzzer. With the screen counting up to an undisclosed amount of money in a short amount of undisclosed time, Kat and Iris were faced with a choice – the first person to hit the buzzer would win the amount on the screen, but would have to leave immediately. As the screen began counting up, and the tension mounted, it was Kat who buzzed out of the game, taking home R100 562. 

Classic Hlatshwayo style
First evicted on Sunday evening was Sol. The radio DJ said he wasn't disappointed that he was voted out, and that he was very happy to be part of the final six. 

Next out was talkative MK. He described his stay in the Big Brother house as magnificent, confessed that he'd lost a bet with Sol about when the show would end, and then said that he would do the show over again. 

Loko, who won a trip for two worth R50 000 earlier in the game, soon followed. 

Hlatshwayo and Iris were then sent back to the main house. He promptly stripped thinking that the official activities of the night were over. Radu then informed Hlatshwayo and Iris that they were the final two housemates and that in a few moments one of them would be named the winner of Big Brother Mzansi.

Runner-up Iris won R 150 000.