Freedom in fewer than 140 characters

I am not prosecuted for being me; instead I am protected and encouraged to excel.

#MyFreedom is engraved. History won't let me forget what a gift my freedom is. To do what I want when I want, isipho leso [that's a gift].

#MyFreedom is a president who holds his middle finger up to the people while he stands in the pig troughs of corruption.

Free of corruption, free of men filled with self-centered greed.
Free of crime against women and children.

#MyFreedom [is] looking all people in the eye and being able to say: "My right to life is just as important as yours."

#MyFreedom: It means I must be sober when I vote & must never make a mistake of voting for the ANC again.

#MyFreedom: It never feels like something important until it's infringed on, like when I'm being censored.

#MyFreedom means being an educated young woman and ­having platforms to be in leadership.

Being able to enjoy my constitutional and human rights. Unfortunately not yet happening for all in South Africa.

#MyFreedom means the security for my family & me in all areas: physical, psychological, environmental & health security.

#MyFreedom means being able to raise our children in a safe, hygienic & affordable country where accountability is a norm!

Not being taken [for an idiot] by politicians.

#MyFreedom allows me to spoil my vote if no party represents me.

#MyFreedom to enjoy the right to call the president a thief while [he's] resenting the fact that it's true.

As a woman and a mother: the liberty to work is something I value highly. My potential is fulfilled.

Our freedom creates the opportunity to help some exceptional township tradesmen [and women] to ­create their own financial freedom.

Freedom means flipping the bird to the presidential motorcade.

#MyFreedom means having access to justice, without fear of unfair discrimination, no matter who I am. And sans bribes too.

My freedom means nothing without our forefathers' land and better houses for all.

Being able 2 express my opinion without limitations & being able 2 VOTE, which many of our ancestors couldn't do.

'94 changed fokol for me, nothing substantial ... numbers don't lie!

Growing up in apartheid SA, with #MyFreedom I can do things my parents could only dream about; it means every thing to me.

#MyFreedom [means] being able to make conscious decisions about my life, being able to set goals and achieve them. Simple Living. Freedom in fewer than 140 characters

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