The customer is king

Our core market in South Africa as well as the international markets we operate in are experiencing real and rapid change.  Whether it’s being driven by the demand for increasing supply chain sophistication and transparency, or from the rapid growth of sectors such as eCommerce and healthcare, it is clear that customers of our industry are rightfully becoming a lot more demanding.  The future of logistics is in being more focused on and connected with the customer, as everything we do starts and ends with them.

Access to and management of big data is a key enabler and differentiator. The reality is that we are no longer in the business of just moving things. In fact, we see ourselves as a technology business that just happens to move things. This is particularly true in the eCommerce and healthcare sectors where precision, transparency, convenience and delivering an experience are staple requirements for success.

Specialisation is crucial and we are fortunate to benefit from specialist resources within our business and from the market-leading developments our international partners have made.

Without prioritising these areas of focus, success in the transport and logistics industry of South Africa and the greater African continent will be challenging.