/ 17 June 2016

The Lists: ‘The Thing Around Your Neck’, MF Doom and Anthony and the Johnsons

The Lists: 'the Thing Around Your Neck', Mf Doom And Anthony And The Johnsons

The Lowland: I have just finished this book by Jhumpa Lahiri. It’s a story about brothers — as close as twins, but separated by politics. Her short-story collection Unaccustomed Earth — written in the wake of the tsunami — was heartbreaking and she’s just done a memoir of learning to speak Italian. I haven’t read it yet but its on my list. She’s just an incredibly lyrical writer.(SM)  
The Thing Around Your Neck: I have a real love for Nigeria and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has such an amazing way of making Nigerian history nonacademic and totally contemporary. (TC) 
Salvation: Black People and Love: This is not the first time I’m reading bell hook’s chapters on vigorously reimagining and reclaiming the concept of love in structurally injured black relationships. Its specific wisdoms require multiple revisits. (MB)

Anthony and the Johnsons: I’m always listening to Lauryn Hill. Always. But this week I’ve had Anthony and the Johnsons on repeat. I Am a Bird Now (2005) is pretty much my favourite LP of theirs. (SM) 
Gil Hockman: Gil did the original score for my film and is a perfect singer-songwriter vibe for this cold weather. (TC)
MF Doom: I’m by no means a hip-hop head and the real heads will probably throw darts at my picture for claiming any knowledge of their beloved MF Doom, but I’m really enjoying his 2003 offering as King Geedorah, Take Me to Your Leader. (MB)