/ 9 July 2016

Ramaphosa: People want the ANC to lead

Ramaphosa: People Want The Anc To Lead

People in Rustenburg want the ANC to continue to lead, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Saturday.

“The people want the ANC to continue to work and lead them. We are happy because on August 3 [municipal elections] we will bury all other parties,” he said while on the campaign trail in the area.

“The ANC wants councillors who will work for you. If they do not work for you we will remove them. We want councillors and mayors who will deliver and who will not lie to you. We want people who will always speak.”

He said the Rustenburg municipality had put in place plans to address problems such as electricity, water and housing.

“The mayor, Mpho Khunou, has told me there are plans and a budget to address all issues affecting our people. We want to increase the power of the electricity so that it can cope with the demand. Vote for the ANC to give us the power to continue to work for you. Do not waste your vote by giving it to other parties. Vote wise, vote ANC,” he said.

Ramaphosa was well received in ward 22 in Sunrise Park, Rustenburg, where he conducted door-to-door visits. ANC members in yellow T-shirts bearing the image of former president Nelson Mandela lined the streets and pushed each other to get a better view of Ramaphosa, while others took pictures as he walked from house to house. Young and old rushed to grab the yellow Mandela T-shirts offered for free.

“ANC is the big party,” one man shouted as he ran to see Ramaphosa as he visited the house of Elma Lebese, 45, who complained that she had registered for an RDP house over five years ago but had not yet received one.

“I went to the municipality [Rustenburg local municipality] and I was told someone else lived in my house. I want a house because I have two children to take care of. Help me get a house,” she said.

Ramaphosa introduced the ward 22 ANC candidate councillor to Lebese, who told him the candidate councillor knew her problem. 

“Vote for her, she will make sure your issues are addressed,” Ramaphosa replied.

He also visited the house of partially deaf Michael Mpete, 103, where he was told of the unreliable electricity supply in the area. Khunou said the municipality planned to address electricity issues in Sunrise Park.

In its local government election manifesto, the ANC promised to expand the electrification programme to unserviced areas. The party also promised to accelerate the upgrading of informal settlements.

The ANC is facing competition in the area from the EFF, the newly-established Forum 4 Service Delivery which was formed by former ANC councillors who were not happy about the ANC candidate councillor selection process, the Democratic Alliance and the United Democratic Movement (UDM).

Ramaphosa was also expected to visit Zinniaville and address a community meeting in Boitekong on Saturday.

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa was also on the campaign trail at the Sondela informal settlement and two Impala Platinum mine hostels before moving on to Boitekong extension 13. The UDM is contesting four wards in the Rustenburg local municipality. – African News Agency (ANA)