The most laugh-out-loud memes from the internet's latest obsession: Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go! is an augmented reality game that launched last week to much fanfare and interest. It’s based on the now 20 year old Pokémon franchise, and plays out the same narrative as the now ancient Nintendo Gameboy games. Except, now you get to catch the virtual beasts out in the real world around you.

The app has broken all records with over 10-million downloads in the first week alone. 

Pokémon Go is even outdoing ‘porn’ on search terms. Porn.

The game first launched in the United States and Australasia on July 5, with the United Kingdom and Germany getting official access on July 13. (But the regional launch process hasn’t stopped clever gamers from downloading the game and going on the hunt elsewhere.)

Adults and children alike are getting in on the action with hilarious results.

Pokémon Go requires getting out there, walking the streets and hunting down virtual beasts.

But then again, why not just run?

That can get pretty lonely, though. Go on, take your best friend with you while you try to catch ‘em all.

Or just send them out walking for you.

Or… Just straight up cheat.

Pokémon are popping up everywhere.

But don’t catch and drive, folks.

And if you’re going to trespass…

The app hasn’t launched in South Africa yet. But maybe that’s a good thing.

But if you’re a business owner, it might be a good idea to get your marketing ready.

Or are you sick of the Pokémon Go craze? Then check out Pokémon Go Away:

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