On our Lists this week: 'The Gentlewoman', Yeezy, and TO Molefe's thoughts on hair

The Play List
Dego (The More Things Stay the Same): Roots Manuva said in an interview that he cringes at his old music because, in retrospect, he thinks it lacks subtlety. Someway, somehow, Dego must have got the memo, because The More Things Stay the Same feels like beat music for grown folks without visas. And maybe that’s what I am, an unrelenting party-head who must simmer down.

Kanye West: I’ve been binge-listening to the entirety of my Yeezy collection since Monday, when something upset me and there was nothing I could do about it save listen to Kanye, who always gets it. Between the mesmerising video for Fade, College Dropout, slivers of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezus and The Life of Pablo, which I’m yet to get into — I feel stronger. (MB)

The Reading List
TO Molefe (Black Hair: The Signal Is the Noise): TO’s story reminds me of a Vordul Mega rhyme: “Head so nappy, combs will have to hold a gat piece just get through.” TO has been under the radar of late so this intervention, more narrative than heady theory, is welcome and effective. (KS)

The Gentlewoman Issue 13: If you can get your hands on what I believe is probably the best living magazine in the world (sharing the spot with its brother publication Fantastic Man), this one is worth the hunt. You will be delighted by the writing on modern manners, engulfed by the piercing voice of a woman (Elena Ferrante) and tickled by the fashion editorials. Penny Martin steers a good ship. It might to be available at CNA stores, MAGZ in Norwood and other speciality magazine stores. PS: Issue 14 has Zadie Smith on the cover. (MB)

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