/ 13 December 2016

O’Sullivan: Mokotedi is a dishonest criminal with a badge

Paul O'Sullivan says Riah Phiyega and Vinesh Moonoo protecting South Africa is like 'leaving the mice to guard the cheese'.
Paul O'Sullivan says Riah Phiyega and Vinesh Moonoo protecting South Africa is like 'leaving the mice to guard the cheese'.

Private investigator Paul O’Sullivan, accused by Gauteng Hawks head Prince Mokotedi of attempting to mastermind a revolt against President Jacob Zuma, landed a scathing counter-punch on Tuesday afternoon.

Mokotedi made explosive claims of espionage and high treason against O’Sullivan, Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) boss Robert McBride and his predecessor Shadrack Sibiya.

His claims are based on information relayed to him by “a source”.

Mokotedi’s allegations are contained in an affidavit which forms the basis of a criminal case, understood to have been registered at the Bedfordview police station on Monday.

Hawks have confirmed a case was registered.

The affidavit, understood to have been deposed by Mokotedi, details a secret meeting between O’Sullivan, Mcbride and Sibiya at a house which once belonged to Czech fugitive Radovan Krecjir.

Mokotedi claims that members of AfriForum and the Democratic Alliance were also party to the surreptitious rendezvous aimed at identifying certain people “as targets for vexatious criminal investigations and shaming in the media”.

But on Tuesday O’Sullivan called Mokotedi a “dishonest criminal with a badge”.

Affidavit ‘nothing more than hearsay’
“He was unlawfully appointed by a corrupt minister of police, who decided to turn a blind eye to the fact that Mokotedi resigned ahead of a disciplinary inquiry by the National prosecuting Authority (NPA), after it had been shown he had deliberately leaked false information to the media.”

He described Mokotedi’s founding affidavit as a work of fiction.

“This reduces the whole thing to nothing more than hearsay, if ever there was a source, which I believe is also a lie by Mokotedi. Without a sworn statement from Mokotedi’s fictitious source, the document is not worth the paper it is written on.”

“I notice that Mokotedi admits, publicly, that he and the others in his cabal are ‘close to or are supporters of … President Jacob Zuma’. This is evidence that they have breached their oath of office.”

“Now, when it is clear that Zuma’s criminal empire is falling, which includes the likes of Mokotedi … this is their last-ditch attempt at avoiding the inevitable long road to prison,” O’Sullivan added.

He said he would not dignify Mokotedi’s “work of fiction” with a response, until he has passed a lie detector test at a reputable independent institute.

“I will, however, continue with my efforts to send him and his accomplices to prison where they all belong.”

“In short, the wholly unintelligent act of Mokotedi will hasten the road to prison for him and his accomplices, for which we should all be grateful,” he said. – News24