/ 8 August 2017

#SliceOfLife: Dancing with Davido


“My name is Stella, so being Stella means being a star and leading other stars. So me hanging around these guys shows that I am also a star and for a star to shine, it needs other stars.

I had been living in Jo’burg for a few years when some friends in the music industry said I could feature in the One of a Kind music video with [Nigerian musician] Davido. At first I couldn’t believe it, it was so exciting.

I arrived at a park in Bryanston with a few other dancers just before 6am on a Wednesday. The first part of the shoot was a sunrise scene, so we had to be there early. I was so surprised because Davido was on time as well. He arrived and we spoke a little bit; he’s a very chilled guy.

I remember thinking I used to see this guy on TV and the best part is that now I’m doing a video with him.

He was the latest famous person I worked with since meeting [Nigerian musicians] D’Banj and Wizkid. Somehow I just happen to run into these guys.

But just to see Davido was, wow! Just to be close to him, taking a photo with him … was wow! Seeing him doing his rap and his Nigerian dance style, ahhh it really was amazing.

The park had these palm trees, so it made the video look like a tropical island location and everyone was dressed in bright colours and the mood was, like, it’s festive. But it was just here in Jo’burg.

There was one moment during the shoot when everyone was getting ready for the next scene when I just stood there and I was so excited, I kept pinching myself, like, is this real? I was like, wow. At least I chilled with some stars.

It’s special for someone like me to come from the Eastern Cape and make it in the big city. The most special thing was that one of my goals was achieved.

I’ve always wanted to do something different, especially because I’m from a small town. Then all of a sudden I’m in a video, making the big life from a small village.

It made me believe everything is possible if you believe and work hard until you achieve your goal.

I believe I was meant for that life because, actually, there’s a saying that says, birds of the same feather, they fly together. So being in Davido’s music video, it elevated me somehow.” — As told to Govan Whittles