/ 12 December 2017

ANC ‘is in a civil war’, former mayor tells Moerane Commission

Former KwaDukuza mayor Siyanda Mhlongo has also called out former minister of state security David Mahlobo
Moerane Commission report tabled in KZN legislature (Photo Archive)

A former KwaZulu-Natal ANC mayor has told the Moerane Commission that political killings are a result of unqualified public officials and a “civil war” within the ruling party.

Former KwaDukuza mayor Siyanda Mhlongo outlined how the party had begun a steady decline since President Jacob Zuma took over the leadership.

Mhlongo, who is now a social activist, suggested that political killings were a direct result of ANC politics, adding that the party was “currently in a civil war”.

“I was sparked into motion to submit something to this commission after the killing of Sindiso Magaqa,” said.

Magaqa, a former ANC Youth League secretary-general, was shot and killed in a hail of bullets in Umzimkhulu earlier this year.

Mhlongo said provincial leadership had falsely called Magaqa’s death an act of criminality.

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“They blamed a third force. The statement that this was a crime of criminality was not acceptable. We cannot address the killing of a brother being killed that way as just criminality.”

‘Factionalism attracts corrupt elements’

He also lamented the number of political killings in KwaZulu-Natal.

“This rate of killing was not like this before the early 2000s. Why are we having these killings, and no one has been arrested?

“Today, ANC leaders cannot act faithfully and honestly. There is much for people to accomplish through the path of politics. You end up getting access to a high level of power. When people politically fight, it should be for ideas, not positions.”

According to Mhlongo, the ANC’s decline had led to the party attracting corrupt elements.

“The factionalism attracts corrupt elements. The party has downgraded its founding ethical and moral values. The time has come for it to cleanse itself.”

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He said that individuals in public office needed to have academic qualifications.

“The lack of minimum standards for public officials makes everyone a public official.”

‘They are ready to kill for their careers’

According to Mhlongo, the absence of academic qualifications lowered the quality of leadership.

“This attracts opportunists. The standards of public representatives have gone down. In all parties, any person can be councillor, as long as they belong to a faction. ANC councillors are supposed to report back four times a year, but that does not happen.”

Mhlongo said that a lack of morals also meant officials behaved like gangsters.

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“Even if it means using vulgar intimidation and violence, they are ready to kill for their careers. Those with no academic qualification label and denounce civil opponents without understanding the fundamentals of democracy.”

Mhlongo also took the opportunity to call out former minister of state security David Mahlobo, calling him a Zuma puppet.

“It is weak political leadership that saw Mahlobo elected minister. He has caused a crisis in the intelligence organ. The head of intelligence must be an even-minded person. The president has a right to appoint anyone, but maturity should be a consideration. Mahlobo was appointed to say yes. Zuma is the real minister of state security.” — News24