/ 20 December 2017

Social transformation commission — ‘Nothing new’

Victorious: The top six members
Victorious: The top six members

The 54th African National Congress elective conference’s social transformation commission had very little to add to what the policy conference had to say six months ago.

“Patriarchy is still in big problem in our society and the ANC must do everything in its power to make sure that women are being empowered to take positions and be able to deliver on those positions. If we don’t do this we’ll find ourselves reversing on gender equality,” said ANC NEC member and member of Parliament Nocawe Mafu on Wednesday.

The conference has just elected five men into their top six structures, which flies in the face of what the committee said it had resolved. Mafu added that the commission has also resolved to looking into reinvigorating street, village and block committees as they are critical to picking up on issues that lead to violence against women and children.

Though the commission has resolved that its members must lead by example, neither their policy documents from July nor this current report back outlines how they will be held to account if they are compromised.