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Another child dies in a pit latrine

A five-year old girl has perished in the Eastern Cape, bringing school infrastructure into focus

Man accuses the Anglican Church  of ‘silencing’ sexual abuse

A 52-year-old says the church wouldn’t investigate but, with the help of the dean of St George’s Cathedral, he faced his abuser

DA, EFF shifting left and right

The rejuvenated ruling party is having the opposition for breakfast, lunch and tea

Lord Hain’s Zimbabwe hypocrisy

The British peer and anti-corruption campaigner, who spoke out against state capture, is doing business with some controversial characters

Slice of life: Boarding through the bullets

‘I’m not going to pity myself and stop what I am doing. I’m going to keep doing what I do and keep trying to make a difference’

‘DA shouldn’t be a one-man show’ – Solly

Tshwane’s mayor, gunning for a top party post, admits the party will have to counter


Mbaks turns on JZ, cosies up to Juju

Although Zuma has ‘vandalised’ the ANC’s image, he could prove useful in wooing KZN voters

Zuma charges loom over KZN campaign

Abrahams is soon expected to announce whether or not to charge Zuma for payments he received from jailed tenderpreneur Schabir Shaik

Constantia leaves bitter aftertaste

Behind the facade of the renowned brand is alleged labour abuse and chemical misuse

RAF mum on mystery payments

There is allegedly no record for why the acting chief executive paid SAP R10-million last year

Fuel fund oil sale to be challenged in court

The Central Energy Fund (CEF) has asked the Western Cape High Court to set aside the decisions to conclude the agreements and the contracts that led to the sale of the country’s strategic fuel at a huge discount.

Bullying scandal rocks Bono charity

The ONE campaign has been accused of ignoring ‘toxic’ labour practices at its Johannesburg office

Cape Town’s desalination plant budget dries up

The city of Cape Town’s desalination plans have run over budget and there is no money to pay suppliers ready to deliver a huge desalination plant to Cape Town’s harbour, which would deliver 50-million litres of water a day.

Marikana: Top cops face murder rap

Families are anxious for answers as nine police officers appear in court over the massacre


Track the thoughts of an evil mastermind as medical detectives close in on its lair

We track the last moments before the source of this potent bacterium was discovered

#Listeriosis: Another Life Esidimeni?

Both tragedies could have been avoided had provincial health departments listened to the people who rely on them.


Vanilla fever: Fear sours the sweet scent of Madagascar’s success

Vanilla is more expensive than silver, which makes it big business for the island’s poor– and the pod mafia

A climate of change for cash cows

Understanding why farmers in Southern Africa are reluctant to cash in their investment is key to mitigating the effects of climate change

Tanzanian journalist recounts his midnight flight from assassins

Veteran Tanzanian journalist, and government critic, recounts his escape from assassins – and describes the country’s climate of fear

DRC leader launches election bid in SA

Announcement comes as SA increases pressure on President Kabila to stick to the new election timetable


Bank failure rocks battling municipalities

The West Rand’s plight shows the repercussions of VBS being placed under curatorship

Stokvels reel from VBS bank’s collapse

Stokvels, burial societies and other savings clubs face uncertainty about their funds after the VBS Mutual Bank was placed under curatorship by the South African Reserve Bank on Sunday.

Jobs shed as cooked meat sales dip

Listeriosis has already caused a fifth of processing industry workers to be laid off, analysts warn

China adds fuel to refinery ire

A Sinopec bid for Chevron SA has been approved, which could bring high-quality petrol and diesel

South Africans are drowning in e-waste

Your dead cellphone or broken television set is worth real money if its constituent parts are mined. They are also hazardous waste. But South Africa manages neither the potential value nor the risks of toxicity particularly well.

Shake-up for bond regulations

Listing requirements for the debt market stand accused of being weaker than those for equities


Some histories to keep our interracial friendship honest

“I remember one of the most feared and cruel teachers smelled of lavender. Can you imagine how confusing it was that a person with such a sweet smell could also be as fluent as she was at breaking our burgeoning spirits, in seven-hour shifts?”

It’s not all black and white

A new David Goldblatt exhibition in Paris raises questions about the photographer in relation to documentary practice in South Africa

A new life for Nakhane

His second album, You Will Not Die, like his first, is a clear declaration of where the artist currently is

Sex and folly don’t always make for solid plots

“The title Catching Feelings tastes and smells like the university chats I had with friends back in 2015. It refers to developing feelings for someone, which the millennial internet culture has equated to catching the flu, making it an affliction that one doesn’t necessarily want.”

Radio 123 takes its music to the people

Radio stations aren’t giving the duo the airtime so they’re taking their love to taverns and festivals

A French eulogy, our dearest polony

A polony eater recalls her memories of the cold meat of her childhood, now ruined by listeriosis

Same WhatsApp group: Thuma Mina and ‘we gon’ be right’

Although Ramaphosa’s gambit may have gone down better than Malusi Gigaba’s “we gon’ be right” quotation of “urban poet” Kendrick Lamar, they be-long in the same desperate trashcan of political histrionics.

Primetime: The script needs change

South African soapies, as representations of its audience’s desires, fail to take their stories seriously


A black liberal is not an oxymoron

The meaning of liberal is lost and, no, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be in Zille’s WhatsApp group

Editorial: Outing foreigners plays with lives

‘Surely there are sufficient lines of inquiry into Gigaba’s conduct as a public official without having to go into his heritage?’

Editorial: The shithole apology

Tillerson was recalled to Washington mid-trip, forcing him to curtail his itinerary. We know now why: Trump was about to fire him.

A sickening case of listeriosis

Natty threads can’t disguise the untruths hiding behind Gigaba’s perfectly polished smile

Food sovereignty the viable alternative to ANC, EFF land solutions

Among the issues are the need to ensure food security in the future and whether expropriation of without compensation can happen through just the law

The law, together with civil society’s oversight role, will lead the way to reform

‘The role and function of civil society is crucial in keeping the public focused on the issue of land rights’

Tardiness, not Constitution, to blame for land crisis

Section 25 of the country’s supreme law is not the reason for the extremely slow pace of land reform

Guptas show what home affairs can do

‘I am confident Gigaba will demonstrate that the section 5(9)(a) process is indeed meritocratic’

Will colourism be SA’s red scare?

Reminiscent of the McCarthy witch-hunts, darker-hued people are seen as not ‘belonging’

Fifth column: Flights of fancy from the colony

‘Ticklingly, the original seller of Birds of Passage (as we’re informed by a red sticker on the flyleaf — 12 shillings and sixpence), was Random Books, 73 Rissik Street, Johannesburg.’

Lend children with disabilities a hand

Many aren’t at school because of inadequate funding and unsuitable facilities and care


La Masia takes Westbury by storm

The local football outfit has captured the imagination of an area all too often associated with drugs and crime

Super Rugby, what’s up?

As the competition’s fixtures enter their fifth week, there’s a lot for fans to talk about

Can Bucs exorcise their demons?

Pirates may have ended Chiefs’ title hopes, but they will still have to claw their way to the top


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