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This week's M&G is now free to read.

This week's M&G is now free to read.

Racial right plugs swart gevaar

The extremist group takes credit for alerting the world to the alleged persecution of white people in South Africa

Detainee’s ‘suicide’ revisited

With the Timol inquest findings overturned, there’s hope that the truth about Hoosen Haffejee will be known

Slice of life: “A cool new voice in gaming”

“It started way back in high school with a friend of mine, Ebrahim Osman, who had a gaming console. We would go to his house after school, make eggs and bread and play on his PlayStation. He opened up my world to gaming”

Taxi industry puts gun to metro’s head

Minibus operators blame Ekurhuleni for creating problems but documents reveal another truth

Don’t exclude DA foot soldiers — Moodey

Just two weeks before the Democratic Alliance holds its federal congress, Gauteng leader John Moodey has raised concerns that the party is excluding black, township-based members from attending it.

Homeless freedom fighters battle for a place called home

Many Umkhonto weSizwe veterans find themselves living on the streets, abandoned by the country that they helped to free

‘The ANC isn’t in charge – we are’

The red-beret-in-chief paints the ruling party as a lapdog slavishly following the EFF’s lead

Life Esidimeni: ‘Traitors must face the law’

After being awarded damages, distraught families want more: Qedani Mahlangu must be prosecuted

Zuma case will be business as usual, says Noko

KwaZulu-Natal prosecutions boss advocate Moipone Noko said she will treat former president Jacob Zuma’s impending corruption case like “any other” high-profile matter within her jurisdiction

E Cape ANC warns of ‘crisis’ if top brass is ousted

The ANC’s national executive committee has been backed into a corner and forced to endorse last year’s election of Eastern Cape chair Oscar Mabuyane and his team, because nullifying the result could plunge the party’s national leadership into crisis, provincial leaders have told the Mail & Guardian

Ramaphosa faces internal revolt

Factions line up over the proposal to delay a number of regional and provincial conferences

Push for a ‘succession plan’ in DA

Khume Ramulifho says he’s not eyeing James Selfe’s job but he does want a deputy for Maimane

Cape Town protesters call on Zille to return the land

Quarters, a legacy of apartheid, still exist for domestic workers in many buildings in the area.
The rooms are barely big enough for a single bed but they have been the only place where poor people can afford to live in the seaside, touristy suburb

Zwane’s mining DG in firing line

Industry players want new minister Gwede Mantashe to remove all those appointed by the former minister

One week left as Sassa scrambles

Social security staff are in a tizz, fretting that no backup plan is in place to pay grants come April 1

Taxi wars help to make KZN South Africa’s ‘hit’ capital

The steep rise in assassinations came after 2012, although in KwaZulu-Natal there had been an increase in killings since 2010 because of the high number of taxi employees and bosses who were gunned down

Ingonyama Trust bid to purge staff

Five long-standing Ingo-nyama Trust Board staff members have been sitting at home on full pay since the middle of 2016 after being suspended by the board management in what is claimed to be a purge of “unco-operative” staff

Death and dignity: How KZN strips cancer patients of their pride

Terminally ill patients in the province have little access to pain relief, or basic care. Here’s one man’s story

Why human rights should be built into TB responses

When the police arrived in their village in Nandi County in Kenya’s North Rift, Patrick Kipng’etich and Daniel and Henry Ng’etich didn’t think much of it. That is, until they realised the police were there for them.


Free trade zone is still a fairy tale

The agreement is a major achievement but there are many hurdles to jump before it becomes reality

Cyril floats ‘African bitcoin’ idea

President Cyril Ramaphosa says he fully supports calls for a single African currency — and that maybe it should be digital

The second coming of Robert Mugabe

The former leader is still fighting his ousting and can’t acknowledge that few want him back

The businessman’s murder that rocked the Swazi kingdom

Victor Gamedze was one of the most powerful men in Swaziland. But his death raises more questions than answers

Analytica link taints Kenyatta

Revelations of firm’s role in Kenya’s 2013 and 2017 polls engulfs the president in another crisis

Somali women sidestep taboos to play football

Shortly after sunrise, a group of young women arrives at a football pitch in Mogadishu, where they shrug off their hijabs — some changing underneath the billowing veil — to reveal their team kit

How will Cyril use his Obama moment?

The president will be judged on how he navigates the turbulent political and economic headwinds

EDITORIAL: Don’t turn a blind eye to the right

There has been an upsurge in right-wing activity across the West, in countries usually thought to be stable, contented, middle-of-the-road democracies

EDITORIAL: Stop the digital dark arts

On this continent, we are all too familiar with the long and shameful history of Western companies and countries meddling in our politics, often with disastrous results.

Letters to the Editor

Our readers write in about the Inonyama Trust, interracial friendships and how the archbishop didn’t ignore a complainant

This is the house that Daddy built

After 10 years of following the JZ story, I slept through Shaun’s decision to charge him

Black liberalism is an apology for capitalism

Despite McKaiser’s best attempts, he can’t shrug off the core elements of exploitative capitalism

It’s not just a woman thing

Postpartum depression in men is real and it may be linked to testosterone levels

Earth Hour and a life in ruins

My Life in Ruins (SABC3, 7pm); The Bank Job (e.TV, 8pm); The Voice (M-Net, 8pm). These are the shows you’ll miss, partially or completely, during Earth Hour on Saturday March 24.

Networks can solve education’s plight

International peer forums are providing the framework to bolster children’s advancement

This is why Steyn must fall

Marthinus Steyn’s statue inflicts violence at the University of the Free State Campus


You can’t hide who you are

Your every detail is being tracked online and you have little control over what will be done with it

Say goodbye to unsolicited calls and SMSes

Are you fed-up with being harassed by unsolicited phone calls and SMSes from marketers and even political parties?

Mining ends Gwede’s mantashing

The minister wants to breathe new life into an industry hamstrung by his precedessor

SA halts some meat imports from Brazil

But there’s “no evidence” that listeria was imported from elsewhere in the world

Green power is still up in the air

Renewable energy producers were set to go ahead but resistance has gained momentum


Fund the labour of cultural workers, Mr President

Mr President, I am sending you to find out why an important festival organiser like the Centre for Creative Arts got its funding cut by the national department of arts and culture.

On our Lists this week: Simone Weil,Björk, and Oleta Adams

I Listen, I Hear, I Grow: My Autobiography by Hans Hlalethwa and Horse Power. A Complex Magazine documentary

Together, like fish and chips

The two women behind new T-shirt line Mnike are jamming bophelo ba ko kasi and pop culture together

I like your new restaurant, but not in my neighbourhood

This documentary weaves the truth about gentrification today with history of capitalist spatial planning

The world at her feet

Before the present day, before democracy, before apartheid, before 1912, before 1652, theatre has been used as a mechanism of storytelling in our lands, and storytellers have achieved high status in our cultures and subcultures

How you favourite world records are but a sham

By virtue of being a documentary film that is more than just about its stated subject — a huge, state-sponsored doping cover-up in the Russian Athletics Federation — Icarus may change how one views pro sports forever

Apartheid killings and awkward questions

Incorruptible: The story of the murders of Dulcie September, Anton Lubowski and Chris Hani

Visual artists hold thumbs for resale windfall

If the copyright law is changed, South African artist could soon find extra money in their pockets

Feminism is: Skirting spaces between theory, practice, consensus

When I read the collection of essays in Feminism Is: South Africans Speak Their Truth, no line appeared in the space between my eyes. I felt at a loss. Even my strategy of poring over the book on International Women’s Day, to try to give my reading some backbone, failed to make me feel any less unmoored

The case for the other black woman in ‘Black Panther’

Nightshade might seem more than a prop in he film but she is more than she appears to be


‘Underdog’ Lions at full tilt

The weekend’s Super Rugby action will see all SA franchises in action

It is finally time for the Red She Devils

Manchester United have announced plans to form a women’s professional team after long being criticised for lagging behind their rivals

Feeling like two million bucks: Little-known bowler thrust into IPL spotlight

He isn’t well known on the international stage, but fast bowler Jaydev Unadkat has been thrust into the cricketing limelight after being handed a bumper payday by the Indian Premier League

It’s time to get back to cricket

Now that his hearing it over, fans can look forward to seeing Rabada bring back the heat

Hamilton won’t stop

The Billion Dollar Man refuses to let up, as he races to advance his winning streak

What in the world is up at Safa?

A delayed elective congress and ongoing Bafana bungles place the body’s credibility on the line

Client Media Releases

IIE Rosebank College opens campus in Cape Town
Pharmacen makes strides in 3D research for a better life for all
UKZN neurosurgeon on a mission to treat movement disorders
Teraco achieves global top 3 data centre ranking
ContinuitySA's Willem Olivier scoops BCI award
Innovative mobile solutions set to enhance life in SA
MBDA to host first Eastern Cape Fashion and Design Council
Sanral puts out N2/N3 tenders worth billions
EPBCS lives up to expectations
The benefit of unpacking your payslip
South Africans weigh in on attitudes towards women