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Treasury has Myeni in its crosshairs

Two SAA executives have been fired but the hearing also fingered the former chairperson

ANC still tied up in faction-driven court challenges

Although the ANC has won some of its provincial court battles, it still faces several more as its top leadership continues to resolve the gridlock caused by factional conflict in its lower structures.

‘They’re out to get Magashule’

The secretary general’s supporters claim he is not consulted on matters that fall under his office

ANC’s no longer just listening, it’s doing – Mchunu

Less talk and more action — that is the strategy the ANC will adopt in the run-up to the 2019 elections. The party’s hands-on approach under President Ramaphosa will resonate with voters when it begins campaigning, according to the ANC chairperson of organising and campaigning, Senzo Mchunu.

Soviet ready to clean shop

The controversial politician hopes to regain public confidence in the ANC

Hlophe complaint faces fresh hurdle

Ten years after the initial complaint, a call for a judge’s recusal could stall the judicial conduct tribunal before it starts

Corruption claims rock mining Seta

It’s alleged that large sums of money were allocated to firms without following due process

Mind control for little monsters

We’ve just learned that brain-hijacking parasites can bend even uninfected bystanders to their will

Interdict adds extra fuel to Wentworth residents’ ire

On Monday, an interim interdict banning residents from holding unauthorised protests at the refinery was granted

Slice of Life: ‘I have to talk to Mama’

‘I do not know where I will have my party but I have already spoken to Mama about it’

DA wannabe premiers line up

With the party eyeing control of three provinces, there is no shortage of takers for the top positions

Race row hits upmarket school

Black teachers say they were segregated from their white counterparts and were undermined

Northern Cape Nama farmers fear expropriation of ancestral land

Where else would we go? ask Nama descendants who fret that communal land will be taken. Some still follow traditional ways, writes Carl Collison

‘Our land is being taken and sold’

KwaDlovinga residents are fighting to secure title deeds for land they lost to the traditional authority in the area

‘Test land tenure in court’

An Ingonyama Trust challenge to the land reform process could see a landmark ruling

Squabbles, red tape hold up restitution in KwaZulu-Natal

A toxic mix of bureaucratic failure, tensions between local government and traditional leaders and infighting among residents has slowed down the process of land restitution in KwaZulu-Natal.

Section 25 hearings underscore the racial economic divide

Present were white landowners with their 4x4s and landless black people from shantytowns, who came in minibuses. 


Abortion: Whose right to choose comes first?

When religion trumps science in medicine, women’s bodies and constitutional rights may be caught in the crossfire

Will the NHI actually work?

The health minister will be met with court cases from the private healthcare sector while dealing with pressure from trade unions to speed up the process.


Whose injera is it anyway?

A Dutch company holds the patent for Ethiopia’s most popular ancient food — but now Ethiopia wants its intellectual property back

The explosive power of reform

Reactions to attacks in Zim and Ethiopia will reveal new leaders’ commitment to reform

Djibouti’s squandered independence

My country is not independent. It’s an open-air prison; a corrupt mafia state


How Moyane led Sars to brink of ruin

Senior revenue service executives tell the Nugent inquiry how their ‘higher purpose’ was subverted

WhatsApp at work is useful – up to a point

Although some people do not mind how the platform is managed, or even the occasional joke or message from a colleague, others find it an unwelcome distraction, according to a social media poll by the Mail & Guardian.

Health Bills’ diagnostic value limited

For all the bluster, the proposed legislation has left industry experts in the dark about key issues

Fees can reduce retirement savings

Small differences in fund management fees can be an investment killer in the long term

South Africa walks mining tightrope

Despite some concessions, the draft charter still has provisions that investors find unpalatable

SA must up its skills in wooing skilled migrants ― report

South Africa’s job opportunities, established education system and modern technology attract skilled immigrants to the country, the report noted


Break the hold of digital colonialism

Your data is giving Big Tech control of everything and only a huge shift by the people can halt it

Editorial: Power corrupts ― even in our respected NGOs

‘As the M&G turns its focus to allegations of abuse of power in the NGO space, our work has been met with hostility. And it has left us perplexed’

Letters to the Editor: June 29 to July 5

Readers write in about Neville Alexander, South Africa’s immigration policies and land reform

This beautiful land is your land

Claimants told sad tales of dispossession but they are dogged in their bid to get it back

‘My husband’s killers have not faced the law’

The family of a former Lesotho army chief demand justice and a return to the rule of law in the country

Students who sacrificed for #FeesMustFall deserve recognition

Thirty-nine years after the events of June 16 1976, the #FeesMustFall movement, which began on October 12 2015, led to protests by university students about the high tuition fees at South African universities

Youth is not an excuse

XXXTentacion’s demise shows how victims are painted as being out to ruin a perpetrator’s life

FIFTH COLUMN: A note from Igor, the lonely goalie

“Hello friends! This is note from Igor, your goalie. I’m just writing to say hi, we haven’t spoken for maybe forever.”

Go beyond living up to Mandela

His legacy is couched in cisheteropatriarchy; social justice and equality need a new approach

Get into the mania, Wiki wants your contributions

A key focus of the first Wikimania conference in sub-Saharan Africa, which was held in Cape Town last week, was on increasing regional contributions to the world’s largest free, collaboratively built online encyclopedia.


What does blue-ticking mean for building trust?

“I used to think it was “molo”, until I learned that that is a naturalised pronunciation of the Afrikaans “môre”. An indigenous greeting, therefore, is a very profound mutual agreement between people.”

SA’s Mr Bollywood dies after long film career

The custodian of the oldest independent cinema and entertainment company in South Africa, Moosa Moosa of the Avalon Group, died in Johannesburg on Monday, aged 75.

In the lists this week

In your list this week: Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi, Bhoza by Darkie Fiction, and Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel.

Opening spaces for new dancers

Mamela Nyamza is heading for the Grahamstown festival but after that plans to hang up her dancing shoes

The essayist who froze history’s quiet moments

David Goldblatt has left South African documentary photography incalculably richer, writes Niren Tolsi

Art does not need another hero: Reflections on the 10th Berlin Biennale

This year’s Berlin Biennale poses questions about otherness, power, violence and patriarchy

Bopape rattles biennale cage

The South African artist’s new film about a rape challenges the curators and concepts of art

Expanding gqom’s visual palette

The dance space, be it legendary clubs such as downtown Durban’s 101 or the ubiquitous, cyberspace clubs offered by cellphones and social media, the culture of gqom is propelled by vocalists and DJs as much as, if not more, by dancers


KG: ‘I’m obsessed with winning’

He is all passion and there’s no holding back when presented with a good wicket or a big player

Africa’s promise still unfulfilled

The continent has everything it takes to win the World Cup, so why the repeated failures?

Half the game is lost off the pitch

The toxic debates that have dogged former titans demonstrate how national attitudes shape team performance


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