/ 19 October 2018

Editorial: Fallout from Facebook

The successful candidate for the social justice reporting fellowship will pen pieces that go beyond statistics
Editorial: It’s dangerous to other foreigners (Photo Archive)

There was a time, not so long ago, when you could sympathise with Facebook. As a platform for humans, it was merely reflecting humanity.

Racism? Well, there are a lot of racist people in the world. Sexism?

Lots of those people too. Bullying? We have all gone through that.

Election rigging? Well, mistakes were made and they can be fixed.

Videos of people cutting their wrists? They have got teams on that. Purposefully lying about video viewing numbers to inflate advertising numbers? I’m sure that was a mistake, and they’ll admit to that and move on. Oh …

In the latest scandal, the platform realised that it was reporting up to 900% increases in the number of people watching videos. Instead of immediately fixing this, it used the explosion in numbers to tell everyone that video was the future.

In 2016, chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg said: “Five years to all video.”

Delete your Facebook account.

What other response can there be to a company that has created billionaires by profiting from the destruction of society by careful manipulation of what we see?