/ 20 December 2018

2018: The year in pictures

Devastated: The earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia’s Sulawesi in September left more than 1 600 dead and 70 000 homeless. This woman lost her three children.
Devastated: The earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia’s Sulawesi in September left more than 1?600 dead and 70?000 homeless. This woman lost her three children. (Jorge Silva/Reuters)
Desperation: Migration again dominated politics and the news in 2018. This migrant  from Africa is part of a group picked up by a rescue boat in the Mediterranean Sea and taken to the port of Motril, Spain. (Juan Medina/Reuters)
Graveyard: Millions of bicycles have been dumped in Chinese cities, including Shanghai as a result of an oversupply of rental bicycles. (Aly Song/Reuters)
Hope: About 300 child soldiers wait in a line during their release ceremony in South Sudan under a United Nations programme to reintegrate them into society. (Stefanie Glinski/AFP)
Thousands of Central American migrants, mostly Hondurans, fleeing violence and poverty, trek more than 4 000km to the United States border, where an increasingly reinforced border and growing hostility await them. (Pedro Paro/AFP)
Human caravan: A two-year-old Honduran asylum seeker cries as her mother is searched and detained in McAllen, Texas, on the Mexican border as part of the Trump administration’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy. (John Moore/Getty Images)
Retrenched miners at Evander in Mpumalanga wait to be examined for silicosis and other illnesses. (Oupa Nkosi)
Central American migrants, moving in a caravan through Mexico, wait next to the railway to try and board a freight train, in Irapuato, in Guanajuato state, Mexico. (Edgard Garrido/Reuters)
Discrimination: Israelis from the Druze minority and others protest against the nation-state law that turns non-Jewish people into second-class citizens, further marginalising Palestinians and other groups. (Corinna Kern/Reuters)
Mourning: Family members attend the funeral of Nozipho Mtshazi, the mother of Marikana massacre victim Babalo Mtshazi. (Paul Botes)
Arson: An electricity pole stands among burnt trees after a fire swept through Neos Voutzas, near Athens. More than 500 homes and 5 000 hectares of forest were destroyed. (Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters)
Destruction: A wounded Syrian waits for treatment at a makeshift clinic during Syrian government air strikes on Zamalka, in the rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta near Damascus. Since the war began in 2011, hundreds of thousands have been killed; 13-million need humanitarian assistance; hospitals, schools, water, sanitation and other systems have been destroyed; 5.6-million Syrians are refugees and 6.2-million are displaced in the country. (Amer Almohibany/AFP)
Ethnic cleansing: Rohingya refugees wait in ‘no-man’s-land’ on the Myanmar/Bangladesh border. About 70 000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar’s brutal military campaign against them. (Ye Aung Thu/AFP)
Mined: Notungana Kwekwe, of Bolani village in Eastern Cape, cooks for her grandchildren, whose father Malulu Fono died from silicosis-related complications in 2001. (Delwyn Verasamy)
Smoke with fire: Boys play as residents watch while fire services extinguish a forest fire near Bishopscourt in Cape Town. (David Harrison)