/ 9 January 2019

Nigerian journalists released

Daily Trust CEO and editor-in-chief Mannir Dan-Ali
Daily Trust CEO and editor-in-chief Mannir Dan-Ali (above) says Uthman Abubakar was courteously treated. (Screenshot courtesy of Daily Trust)

Uthman Abubakar, the regional editor of Nigeria’s Daily Trust newspaper, was released from custody on Tuesday after he was detained by military personnel and security officers on Sunday.

Abubakar was detained along with reporter Ibrahim Sawab after the paper published an article which the Nigerian army deemed to contain “classified military information” as it detailed military operations in the northeast region of the country.

Army spokesperson Sani Usman further added that it “undermined national security.”

A statement issued by Daily Trust CEO and editor-in-chief Mannir Dan-Ali stated: “Abubakar says he was courteously treated but stated that his mobile phones and laptop were still with the military. They told him that they needed time to finish the forensic checks they are carrying out on the equipment.”

Both the Abuja and Maiduguri offices of the newspaper were raided on Sunday, disrupting operations.

The raid was widely condemned, with Reporters without Borders — an organisation which conducts political advocacy on issues relating to freedom of information and freedom of the press — called the incident “ a serious violation of press freedom.”