/ 21 January 2019

Unembargoed: January 18 to 24

All articles in this week's M&G are free to read
All articles in this week's M&G are free to read

Vicious crackdown in Zimbabwe

Experts say the harsh reaction is a symptom of a bankrupt and desperate government

Agrizzi: ‘I was caught in a cult of bribes’

Bosasa’s former chief operating officer implicates politicians, government officials in his testimony

‘Boys’ club’ sex fiefdom exposed

Investigators have been scathing about how Housing Development Agency executives allegedly abused their power

Down and out in the Mother City

Homeless people and addicts have moved to the city centre because it’s safer and they are not harassed as much

Safe spaces increase the chances of recovery

Being an addict on the street is hard, the two men say. But trying to break the habit is the hardest.

No rush to fast-track expropriation Bill

The MP responsible for oversight of parliamentary committees, the ANC’s Cedric Frolick, said there was no rush to push through legislation before Parliament rose before the elections.

Another scandal hits water affairs

A former senior official is being investigated by the Hawks for a suspect R64-million tender.

Trouble brews as coffee faces extinction

New research from the UK’s Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, warns that 60% of the world’s 124 coffee species are threatened with extinction.

Police trainees skip DNA testing

What was meant to be a sure-fire way to prevent criminals from sneaking into the force has been thwarted

University is not right for everyone

Young people see technical colleges as dumping sites instead of places to acquire sought-after skills

Political parties tie their promises to lampposts

“For white people there was lots of fear when Mbeki came in, this Africanist who was different to Mandela”

Justice for Cradock Four delayed

Despite an assurance last year that the case was proceeding, the son of one of the four men who were assassinated believes the ANC is blocking it

Rich estate’s dirty, smelly secret

Blair Atholl has not only violated its water-use licence, but has also been pumping its untreated waste downstream

Vigilantes face-off with sex workers

Tasers, rubber bullets, pangas, dogs and snakes are used to rid a Jo’burg suburb of its ‘immoral’ sex workers

Slice of life: They called Jo’burg ‘varsity’

“In my days, other sex workers believed you must go to “varsity” — they called Jo’burg “varsity” at the time. You had to go and do sex work there and come back.”


In limbo: ‘Isis children’ in prison

Iraq grapples with how to handle an unprecedented number of minors, many of whom were beaten into confession.


Gaming pain: the quest for a better life may be going virtual

Virtual reality isn’t just for video games anymore. It’s revolutionising medicine, including the way we manage one of the biggest concerns for patients across the world: pain.


Voting data points to fraud in DRC presidential election

Martin Fayulu is the winner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) December presidential election, according to an investigation by the Financial Times.

A voice inside me said ‘Run!’

Fearing for her life, outspoken tweeter Thandekile Moyo fled Zimbabwe this week with little more than the change in her pocket

Kenya suffers Somalia blowback

Kenya said it invaded Somalia to protect its citizens, but the attack in Nairobi this week shows this has failed

Activist poets on the frontline

As he speaks, with an easy flow, the crowd snaps their fingers and hiss in accompaniment.

Victims can’t rely on ICC for justice

Meant to tackle international crimes, the court has only convicted three individuals in 20 years.


Not on to use pensions to bail out state

The suggestion in the ANC’s election manifesto on prescribed assets has drawn fire.

Kganyago calls out ANC manifesto on the Reserve Bank

An independent central bank was one of the underpinnings of the Constitution, Kganyago said, and to change its mandate would require a change to the Constitution.

Headaches on wage front

The exemption process threatens to undermine the new minimum income criteria

G&T’s will never be the same again

The South African gin industry has taken off and consumers are now spoilt for choice

Ramaphosa talks up SA Inc ahead of World Economic Forum

At a meeting on Wednesday with the South African delegation going to the World Economic Forum, he reminded participants of the work the government has done to stabilise government institutions and to get to the bottom of state capture.

The battle of the banks

Several new entrants will spark a war of attrition rather than a full frontal assault and customers will be the winners


ANC haunted by failure but opposition can’t relax

As South Africa prepares to go to the polls later this year, the political temperature is set to rise.

Editorial: Corruption in politics and business kills people

‘When people are corrupt, other people die. This is not how politicians and companies like to talk’

Letters to the editor: January 18 to 24

Our readers write in about how unions must fight the Companies Bill, saying farewell to former Weekly mail receptionist Seipati, and hope

Doused in black, green and gold

Ramaphosa and his eggshell dance vies with Msholozi’s shuffle on the KZN political stage

DA to petition president on rights of voters abroad

The DA has written a petition to the president asking that he consider remitting the Bill back to Parliament based on procedural irregularities.

Mine standoff is a licence to rethink laws

Government needs to respect the court ruling and the Xolobeni residents’ resistance to mining.

Online nude, offline problem

Send the pic, but take measures to prevent more exposure than you wanted.

Fifth column: Can you spell ‘man bun’ in Futhark?

‘In fact, combs are among the most frequently discovered relic of Viking society, indicating that they paid a lot of attention to their hair’

Shaping cities goes beyond student beds

Sustainable urban development requires the collaboration of municipalities and the universities to advance social integration.

Industry 4.0 is being taken seriously

A pilot project is being run at several primary schools to establish the curriculum challenges.


The Portfolio: Bonile Bam

After I got the shot, all the others wanted to be photographed. I took them to the beach and took a few frames of all of them together there.

Albinism in art is unsettling

Artists’ stated motives do not always tie neatly in with the perceptions and feelings of those being portrayed.

The Weekend Guide

For good vibes and an arts fix, don’t miss this.

On our Lists this week: Bernie Worrell, Ian McDonald, and Njabulo Ndebele

In between working on Friday copy, this is what the team reads, listens to and watches

JAG exhibition sparks new discussion on all your faves

New in-house show re-engages gallery’s diverse collection

Msholozi desperately tries for another (political) hit

With a libidinous hip swivel Zuma relents and breaks into his signature song, Mshini Wami. Teenage girls shriek and swoon. Gogos cheer. Men and boys sing along.

Madjozi a village girl for real?

The singer has brought Xitsonga pop to the fore, but she draws from a long line of celebrated artists.

Motswakolistas left their mark beyond Mahikeng

The area was a mecca for talented artists, but the collapse of Bophuthatswana and the chaos of the transition to to democracy in 1994 left a generation starved for platforms of expression.

Psychology of colour, texture

There is much more to the way Jody Paulsen uses his palette in ‘Water Me’

Rapacious miners unmasked

This coffee-table book exposes the ugly face of so-called socially responsible corporates


Taking on Africa, Sundowns’ style

Uncompromising Brazilians stick to their football guns as they prepare for awkward summit on continent

Mighty Masinga’s final whistle

All power and honour and noble fury, he carried his team deep into enemy territory. He was a snorting, galloping thoroughbred of a centre-forward.

Bloodlust is just cricket

Even in the cheap seats Pakistan couldn’t have looked more helpless— and the fans loved it.

Banyana’s payment woes continue

Some players are owed about R75 000 and repeated promises to start a women’s football league are yet to be fulfilled.


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