/ 23 January 2019

‘If Ramaphosa behaves like Zuma, he will get Zuma treatment’ — Malema

'You behave like Zuma
'You behave like Zuma, you get Zuma treatment. Once you lie to Parliament, you will be treated like a political delinquent,' Malema charged. (Oupa Nkosi/M&G)

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has given President Cyril Ramaphosa until the State of the Nation Address (SONA) to “come clean” about his involvement in the Bosasa scandal, party leader Julius Malema announced on Wednesday.

According to Malema, who was speaking at a media briefing, the EFF is giving Ramaphosa until February’s SONA to call a media briefing where he details his dealings with Bosasa. If he does not meet this deadline, the EFF says it will turn SONA into a question and answer session and, interrupt the address.

“You behave like Zuma, you get Zuma treatment. Once you lie to Parliament, you will be treated like a political delinquent,” Malema charged.

In November 2018, Ramaphosa answered questions before the National Assembly where he was asked about a payment of R500 000 made out to his son Andile Ramaphosa by Bosasa chief executive Gavin Watson.

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In his response, Ramaphosa confirmed that his son had conducted business with Bosasa but that the deal was above board and was contracted. However, Andile denied that the payment was for his benefit.

Ramaphosa subsequently backtracked on his response after it was revealed that the October 2017 payment was actually a donation towards his ANC presidential campaign which he was made without his knowledge.

This emerged in a letter Ramaphosa wrote to the Speaker of the National Assembly dated November 14, saying he had unintentionally provided incorrect information in his initial response.

Malema says Ramaphosa must produce evidence that he paid back the R500 000 funding from Bosasa for his election campaign.

In testimony at the state capture commission by former Bosasa chief operating officer Angelo Agrizzi, details of a web of corruption and bribery at the facilities management company were revealed. Agrizzi has implicated prominent ANC government and Cabinet officials such as Environmental Affairs Nomvula Mokonyane in tales of corruption, fraud and bribery.

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According to Malema, the governing party’s Thuma Mina campaign is “an ANC project led by Ramaphosa to send each other to government so they could steal more from the poor. The real ANC manifesto is being presented by Agrizzi.”

Malema also touched on other issues including the upcoming EFF Manifesto in February and encouraged young people to register and vote EFF in the upcoming elections.

He also spoke on the security crackdown in Zimbabwe which he says the EFF does not support.

Police and soldiers launched a large-scale operation against protesters, activists and organisers of the nation-wide strike last week, which was triggered by a sharp rise in fuel prices.

“[President Emmerson] Mnangagwa shutting down the internet and not allowing people to protest is barbaric and backward and we want him to know.”

Malema reiterated though that it is the responsibility of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to contribute to the bailout of Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe must be helped. SADC countries must come together. We want to help Zimbabwe and we want the sanctions gone. But we will not support the tyranny and the brutalisation of our people,” Malema said.

Malema mentioned that there is still a long list of companies that need to go through the process that Bosasa is going through at the state capture commission such as services, trading, and distribution company Bidvest and banking and asset management group Investec.

“You know why [they have been protected and not brought before the commission]? Because they are white companies and the ANC is sympathetic to white business,” Malema added.