/ 26 April 2019

Lap of luxury pavilion brings five-star treatment to Africa’s Travel Indaba

Luxury travel offers once-in-lifetime activities that do more than just take you to a new place; they transform who you are as a person
Luxury travel offers once-in-lifetime activities that do more than just take you to a new place; they transform who you are as a person

South Africa is full of historic sights, cultural diversity, natural attractions and almost limitless activities; combine these aspects with luxury travel and South Africa becomes a world-class destination. South African Tourism and the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) want to highlight the importance of luxury travel — and to encourage travellers in search of lavishness to linger a little longer in the lap of luxury.

The trend of luxury travel – and why South Africa has a competitive edge

Luxury travel offers once-in-lifetime activities that do more than just take you to a new place; they transform who you are as a person. Combine our beautiful establishments with real and authentic travel experiences, and we will ensure the luxury traveller returns year after year.

South Africa offers immersive traditional encounters, unique cuisine, friendly local service, and the making of memories that sets travellers’ lives apart from their peers.

In South Africa, we offer guided bush walks, nights under the stars, attentive service and experiences that bring you up close and personal to what makes South Africa unique. Indaba 2019 creates the necessary platform, which informs and educates buyers and visitors on how South Africa offers everything in one package, and that package includes luxury travel.

The Lap of Luxury Pavilion

The Lap of Luxury Pavilion is designed to convey the absolute luxury, quality and opulence of a true South African five-star experience. It promises to engage visitors’ senses in the luxurious hospitality, warmth and uniqueness of five-star products and Lilizela Award-winning properties in an elegant atmosphere.

The TGCSA stand is a vital attraction at this year’s Indaba. Here, visitors and buyers will experience a visual representation of numerous high-end properties at the Lap of Luxury Pavilion. The excursion into opulence begins at the entrance of the pavilion with a concierge desk providing full reception services.

Butler services will be available to visitors as they meet, make contact and view exhibitor content displayed on large HD touchscreens in the media area. And, of course, superb cuisine will be prepared by some of South Africa’s top chefs.

“Quality assurance has become synonymous with the TGCSA stars that greet visitors at the entrance of thousands of establishments throughout the country,” explains Darryl Erasmus, the TGCSA’s chief quality assurance officer. “These stars indicate the level of quality and the type of facilities visitors can expect. So, the TGCSA 5-Star Luxury Pavilion at Indaba 2019 is a great opportunity for South African five-star establishments to showcase our globally-competitive, high-quality services and facilities.”

How does the TGSCA ensure goals set are goals met?

Consistency and uniformity transcends all aspects of travel, and ensures that the traveller searching for luxury is treated to it. The TGCSA works with a team of carefully vetted individuals with extensive experience in the hospitality industry to ensure that establishments’ standards in South Africa are not only globally competitive, but most importantly, that they are what they promise to be. Grading assessors are confident, accurate, knowledgeable and mindful during their assessments. Attention to detail and knowing what to look for during the grading process is what makes quality assurance a success.

Erasmus says: “While South Africa is fortunate to have a wide diversity of products, in the past, we felt the luxury component was underrepresented at Africa’s Travel Indaba.

“In a deliberate effort to ensure the buyers at Africa’s Travel Indaba were given the opportunity to engage the high end product, TGCSA conceptualised the Lap of Luxury Pavilion, reserved for Five Star graded product in South Africa.Due to the success of the Pavilion in 2017 and 2018, the Pavilion is once again available to our Five Star Graded Members to meet and do business with some of the world’s most valuable buyers.”

South African Tourism and the TGCSA look forward to meeting you at the Durban ICC in Hall Six at the Lap of Luxury Pavilion next month.