Alexis Petridis

Mbongwana Star: thrillingly wrong-footing Congolese music

The western producer of this bustling new project eschews the respectful approach to African music - and it's all the better for it.

FKA Twigs: A mystery that’s worth solving

Another supposedly mysterious pop star turns out to be a pretty normal human being - but with songs this good, who cares?

A career of being contrary

The streetwise, tough image was matched by songs of real tenderness and fragility. Lou Reed always did the opposite of what he was expected to do.

Keeping up with Mr Jones: Where’s David Bowie Now?

Listening to his latest album makes you hope it’s not a one-off, that musician David Bowie's return continues apace.

He predicts the end but can’t stop working

Nick Cave’s output is more prolific than ever. He talks to Alexis Petridis about his new album — and why he would like to retire.

Bowie on top of the pops again

In an era of gossip websites and Twitter rumours, one of the world's biggest stars can still surprise ... by doing nothing more than making an album.

Bobby Womack: From soul survivor to the bravest man in the universe

Bobby Womack is so proud of his magnificent new album that nothing will stop him talking about it.

Winehouse posthumously polished up for Christmas market

<em>Lioness: Hidden Treasures</em> tells you a lot about Winehouse, albeit sometimes unwittingly.

You get what you need

Never one to give 'em what they want, Robert Plant goes his own way again and <b>Alexis Petridis</b> approves.

Ageing (dis)gracefully

Among the rock stars recently given another chance is Grace Jones, promoting her first new album in 19 years.

Flawed but not futile

Badly Drawn Boy: <i>Have You Fed the Fish?</i><p> By Alexis Petridis.

Return of the death rattler

The competition to see who can slather Bob Dylan's 32nd studio album with the most deranged praise known to man is hotting up, writes Alexis Petridis.

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