Allyn Fisher-Ilan

Diplomats’ strike shuts down Israeli embassies

Israel has closed its embassies around the world as about 1 200 foreign ministry employees declare a strike over low salaries.

Floods in Gaza cause thousands to lose homes

Thousands of people have been evacuated from flood-damaged homes in Gaza in what the UN has called "a disaster area", officials said on Saturday.

Israel to approve prisoner deal with Palestine

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged his cabinet to approve the release of 104 Arab prisoners.

Obama: Israel’s settlement building does not foster peace

US President Barack Obama has said that settlement building in the occupied West Bank did not "advance the cause of peace".

Israel angered by SA move on settlement goods

Israel has lambasted SA for requiring Israeli goods made by West Bank settlers to be labelled as originating from occupied Palestinian territory.

Israeli forces kill protesters at border ‘turkey shoot’

Israeli troops fired at Palestinian demonstrators in Syria who rushed to the border on Sunday in what Israel called a challenge to its sovereignty.

Netanyahu unveils US plan for new talks

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed senior ministers a US plan for resuming peace talks with Palestinians, a source said on Saturday.

US sees progress in Middle East peace talks

The US believes Israel and the Palestinians are making progress towards resolving a dispute over settlement building that threatens peace talks.

Israel dismisses US anger at settlement plan

An aide to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday dismissed US anger at Israel's approval for new homes in a settlement near Jerusalem.

Israel’s Netanyahu hopes to resume Palestinian talks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday his government was making progress towards reopening talks with the Palestinians.

Israel: Bridging gaps with US requires hard work

Bridging gaps between Israel and the US over settlement growth in the occupied West Bank will require hard work, an Israeli official said on Wednesday

Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel

At least three rockets fired from Lebanon exploded in northern Israel on Thursday, wounding two people, police and medics said.

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