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Metsimaholo will be a measure of the ANC’s problems

It could be a wake-up call for a party distracted by power struggles over its next group of leaders

Municipality’s rot is in your face but there is  no clear-cut solution

The worst-performing municipalities were found in the Free State and North West which had huge liquidity shortfalls.

Bruising Metsimaholo by-election shows ANC is bleeding support

The Metsimaholo results indicate that the party’s support among the township dwellers in the municipality has collapsed.

Will the Metsimaholo by-elections bring relief to its beleaguered residents?

There is no guarantee that any are likely to be given an outright mandate to pursue their manifestos.

The SACP has the ANC over a barrel in Metsimaholo municipality

By taking on its alliance member, the SACP is ‘making history’ in the small Free State district

State has to prove Zuma is HIV-positive

The state has to prove Jacob Zuma is HIV-positive and that was why he could allegedly rape an HIV-positive woman, his defence told the Johannesburg High Court on Tuesday. Zuma's lawyer Kemp J Kemp said the state's argument that the former deputy president was HIV-positive was ''totally flawed''.

Zuma’s story ‘laughable, fanciful’

The state pulled out all the stops on Wednesday to prove that Jacob Zuma raped an HIV-positive woman, saying his version of events was ''laughable'' and ''fanciful''. Prosecutor Charin de Beer described Zuma's details of November 2 last year as ''recent fabrication'' to enhance his claim of consensual sex.

Zuma: ‘Efforts made’ to drop rape charge

There was no doubt efforts were made to persuade Jacob Zuma's rape accuser to drop the charge, the Johannesburg High Court heard on Wednesday. ''There is little doubt [KwaZulu-Natal finance minister Zweli] Mkhize tried to broker a settlement,'' state prosecutor Charin de Beer told the court.

Zuma’s defence closes its case

Former deputy president Jacob Zuma will know ''as soon as possible'' whether he will be convicted of rape, Johannesburg High Court Judge Willem van der Merwe said on Tuesday. ''Yes, let me say that I want to do it as soon as possible for obvious reasons,'' said Van der Merwe.

Agony aunt theorises about rape

Emotional transference could lead a victim of previous rape to perceive consensual sex as rape afterwards, a forensic psychologist told Jacob Zuma's rape trial on Tuesday. Testifying for Zuma, Louise Olivier also questioned whether his rape accuser froze during the alleged rape at his Johannesburg home.

Witnesses come out in Zuma’s defence

Three more men were brought in on Wednesday to testify about their associations with Jacob Zuma's rape accuser, but she claims not to know them. One man said she had sex with him, the other said they were a couple at a theological college, and the third said she got into the bath with him.

Zuma trial: Another theologian testifies

Yet another theologian testified at Jacob Zuma's rape trial on Wednesday, but unlike others who told the court of false rape accusations by Zuma's accuser, pastor Modianyeo Modise's testimony took a different turn. He testified it ''was love at first sight'' when the two met at the Wilberforce Theological College in Vereeniging.

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