Annie Kelly

Modern day slavery: ‘The girls trust the traffickers more than anyone’

For nearly three decades, a thriving sex-trafficking industry has been operating between Nigeria and Italy. Can this woman help break the chain?

‘Juju curse’ binds trafficked women into sex slavery

Traditional West African ‘healers’ and Sicilian psychiatrists are struggling to help free Nigerian women forced into prostitution.

Trafficked to Turin: the Nigerian women forced into sex work abroad in Italy

Thousands of women are lured from Nigeria to Italy annually by the promise of a new life, only to find themselves trapped in the sex trade.

Recalcitrant Mauritania clings to its slave culture

Caste-based slavery deeply rooted in Mauretanian society with estimates of 156 000 people trapped

Tourists trigger a polar crisis

Oil spills, shipwrecks, dumped waste, an ill-advised nuclear reactor -- human interaction in Antarctica has a history of pushing the last great wilderness to the edge of ecological disaster. Now, apart from climate change, mass tourism is the greatest threat the continent has ever faced.

Neutrality in jeopardy

For more than a century, the emblem of a red cross on a white background has saved the lives of people in war zones across the globe. It has also acted as a badge of safety for those who wear it. But now the neutrality and independence of the Red Cross Red Crescent is fast becoming a casualty of a global war on terror that threatens to obliterate the capacity of humanitarian aid agencies to operate in areas of conflict.

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