An open letter to my Springbok

From an old acquaintance* with benefits

Pupils Speak Out: Resources and pupil behaviour

Three pupils from two different schools discuss the major differences between being a pupil in Jo'burg's inner city and one in the Northern suburbs.

Pupils Speak Out: Rich and poor schools

An illuminating discussion between two pupils demonstrates that affluent and less well-off schools offer very different experiences.

Been there, seen it, believe it

It could have been the ketamine but, as Anonymous writes, he was won over after an extraordinary vision.

Pupils Speak Out: If you can’t give us textbooks, give us computers

The basic education minister should give pupils textbooks and technology, but in reality there's still a lack of these critical education aids.

Pupils Speak Out: Peer pressure against using protection

Pupils are sometimes pressured by peers to not use protection when sexually active, or even pressurise others to fall pregnant, writes one pupil.

Pupils Speak Out: Unqualified, disinterested teachers debilitate learning

Shortages, unqualified teachers and those giving lessons in areas they don't like are adding to education problems, writes one pupil.

SPIKE Pupils Speak Out: Give us transport

Government workers and big business should face higher taxes so there is more money for scholar transport, an Eastern Cape pupil says.

Pupils Speak Out: Don’t make pupils walk so far, give them transport

Tax government workers and big business more so there is more money for scholar transport, an Eastern Cape pupil says.

Pupils Speak Out: ‘They beat us in a way they would not beat their children’

Corporal punishment may be illegal, but pupils are subjected to it anyway - leading them to feel ashamed to go to school. One pupil tells their story.

Pupils Speak Out: It’s not only pupils at no-fee schools that need feeding schemes

Government intervention is necessary to ensure that all children do not study on hungry stomachs because they are tired and drained.

Pupils Speak Out: Wrath and hate where there should be warmth and love

The school environment should be a place where teenagers feel safe and happy, but for many young lesbians it can be a living hell.

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