Pupils Speak Out: Popularity and smoking weed

A pupil from an inner city school in Johannesburg speaks about pupils who smoke weed and see it as a mechanism to influence their popularity.

Pupils Speak Out: Weapons, bullying and intimidation

Two pupils from an inner-city school in Johannesburg tell how bullies use weapons to instil fear in pupils and certain teachers.

Drug abuse or drug use?

Two anonymous testimonies of drug users - one good experience, one bad.

Nothing like a healthy pot plant

Three months, four seeds from Amsterdam, five centimetres of dirt and Bob's your uncle.

Labiaplasty laid bare

I am 31 years old and I have a designer vagina. That is the bare, naked truth of it.

Strike an education in corruptibility

Pupils weren't the only victim of the strike; teachers' ethics also came under siege.

Hustling for survival

A Zimbabwean woman recounts how she has learned to "hustle" in a different way for survival in South Africa -- by selling her body for freedom.

My inconvenient truth

Bipolar disorder is similar to other lifelong illnesses, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, in that it cannot be “cured”.

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