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COP17: Discontent with US grows at climate talks

American NGOs have complained that US negotiators at UN climate talks risk portraying the country as an obstacle to fighting global warming.

Battle over financing at climate change talks

International climate negotiators were at odds on how to raise billions of dollars for the new green climate fund, on the second day of COP17.

COP17: Redefine rich and poor countries

As delegates gather in SA to plot against climate change, some governments are pushing to redefine distinctions between rich and poor nations.

Dutch military leads the way in gay pride

Embracing a policy of "Do Tell," the Dutch military joined Amsterdam's annual Gay Pride parade for the first time.

Copenhagen: Reshaping the world

Next month's climate summit in Copenhagen, seeks to transform the way the planet is run, from the production of energy to the building of homes.

Tamil rebel leader lives?

For die-hard followers, the commander who led a terror-driven Tamil insurrection in Sri Lanka still lives, despite evidence to the contrary.

Vast Nazi archive opens to the public

A vast archive of German war records opened its doors to the public on Wednesday, giving historians and Holocaust survivors, who have waited more than 60 years, access to concentration-camp records detailing Nazi horrors. The 11 countries that oversee the archive have finished ratifying an accord unsealing about 50-million pages.

Conference deadlocked on ivory trade

Bickering African countries threw an international trade conference into deadlock over whether to ease an 18-year ban on ivory sales, with opponents warning it will increase the poaching threat in countries where elephants have almost disappeared.

Taylor trial could ‘name and shame’ Gadaffi

The former prosecutor who drew up the war-crimes indictment against Charles Taylor said on Tuesday that the former Liberian president's trial was likely to shed light on the activities of Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi and a network of war profiteers.

Sudan drops charges against doctors

Sudan has dropped charges against two European medical aid workers accused of spreading false information in a report alleging widespread rape in the troubled province of Darfur, the organisation which issued the report said on Monday.

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