Atiyyah Khan

‘From Kippie to Kippies and Beyond’: A treasure trove of jazz history

Journalist and author Sam Mathe’s ‘From Kippie to Kippies And Beyond’ profiles four generations of South African musicians, most of whom had been languishing in obscurity

Is online the new home for theatre?

Moving to digital platforms has enabled theatre to survive, but audiences have been slow to follow

The state of the (performing) arts: Theatres try to find their groove

Theatres are opening (and closing) again in fits and starts, driven by a fierce determination to bounce back

Ragas speak to everyone who listens

"It is said that any emotion other than anger can be represented in Indian classical music"

Mabandla reaches deep within and the music flows anew

"Mangaliso is his second album, a spiritual exploration rooted in traditional Xhosa sounds with the addition of mbaqanga, electronica and hip-hop."

FOKN Bois are back — with their creative brand of shocking yet insightful lyrics

The duo returns to cause mayhem with their ‘Pretoria High School’ hair-do and gospel porn rap.

​Strong musical chemistry unites Skyjack’s kindred spirits from different backgrounds

The new musical offering from Skyjack seamlessly weaves individual talents together.

Little Dragon lands in SA

When the Swedes are not celebrating their midsummer with crayfish and aquavit, they're making "pop music for folks who think they hate pop music".

Heavyweights take performance art centre stage

It is surprising that this is the first year the category has been officially included on the festival's main programme.

Bra Hugh blows in at 73

It has been a huge week for Hugh Masekela. Not only did he celebrate his 73rd birthday, but he also launched a new album and a record label.

Sheer hard work brings its rewards

With the launch of his third album, <i>South African History !X</i>, 25-year-old Kyle Shepherd has grown up.

Fine-tuning journalism

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the arts journalism course, for a long time the only one of its kind in the country, taught by Gwen Ansell.

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