Bongani Madondo

Year 2015: The Naafians have landed. Flee or fight?

Bongani Madondo on the fictional Naafians's dark nights - in the shadow of a sacred mountain in the southwestern district of the Z'aniaa Republic.

Class edition: Once we were ‘The Madondos’ – the special ones

Writer Bongani Madondo relates how books have eased the psychic pain of his class-conscious family.

Apartheid: Defiance was a dapper struggle, too

Bongani Madondo searches for elegance in a vast exhibition of photographic material documenting life in apartheid South Africa.

Enwezor turns a wanderer’s eye to the bureaucracy of everyday apartheid

Okwui Enwezor: More about the man behind the 'Rise and Fall of Apartheid: Photography and the Bureaucracy of Everyday Life'

Bonfire of the vanities: Divorce, death and designer dresses

Bongani Madondo puts on his voyeuristic shades to see how 2013 went tabloid.

The curious case of Enoch Mgijima

A century after the founding of the Church of God and Saints of Christ Bongani Madondo treks to 'New Jerusalem' to make sense of its revered prophet.

Jub Jub: The life and trial of a South African child star

The story of Molemo Maarohanye is about far more than a celebrity gone bad. Bongani Madondo tracks the breathtaking rise of the new money culture.

Slikour on keeping it unreal

The rapper behind 'Blackz Are Fools' won't apologise for the title, throws around Malema metaphors and says Indians and Jews will rip outsiders off.

Bitch, please: I’m a hustler

Khanyi Mbau has released her biography and stars in a make-or-break musical revue. Bongani Madondo traces her roots to Jo'burg's founding fathers.

Deep Read: Go tell it on the mountain

Bongani Madondo on the juju, trigger-happy cops, invincible men and the Marikana Massacre Blues.

Capitalists like me: It’s time to speak truth to power

Herman Mashaba is well known for his successful Black Like Me hair products empire. Now he spends his time taking on the enemies of the free market.

Eric Miyeni, blessed with a tongue that will not shut up

Eric Miyeni is a neon-headline lightbulb of a character and to his critics chagrin, he has just published his fifth book. Bongani Madondo reports.

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