Bongani Madondo

Refiguring Tate: Exuberance in a silent way

Nettrice Gaskins’ image of writer, musician and producer Greg Tate graced the March 12 edition of the Mail & Guardian’s Friday section. It is a memorable, futuristic rendering of the artist that manages to capture his spirit in quiet but affecting ways

Indestructible beat of Soweto rock, WTF is Afropunk and ‘Jungle’ seizures

Among the many times Bongani Madondo and Greg Tate have passed the mic between themselves, was a conversation on the Blk Jks, the religious source of rock ’n roll and other Witches’ Brews

Kuli Roberts: Naked at the feast

The untimely passing of Kuli Roberts, gossip columnist du jour of post-apartheid’s Gilded Age, shocked the nation. Bongani Madondo, who first encountered her earlier in her career, looks beyond the red carpets and banana skins

Sidney Poitier: Stone cold when ‘cool’ was not even a factor

Pioneer actor and activist Sidney Poitier, who died at age 94, alchemised the Black condition into a dignified on-screen presence in the 20th century. Bongani Madondo wrestles with his legacy

Steve Kekana: Blind, brilliant and bold as love

When news of the passing of one of SA’s most iconic musicians broke, Bongani Madondo revisited his songbook and located him in the global pantheon of the greatest vocalists, ever

Ma Rainey robbed of complexity on a ‘Negro’ path leading nowhere

The life of blues pioneer Gertrude ‘Ma’ Rainey and her song Black Bottom have been turned into a film. Bongani Madondo laments its anticlimax

Black rebels among the blue bloods of liberalism

Bongani Madondo says the meltdown amid racial witch-hunting portends the beginning of the end of white liberalism itself

I just can’t stop lovin’ you

Michael Jackson’s fans worshipped him even after his death — until Leaving Neverland. Bongani Madondo writes about dealing with a fallen god

Winnie: Our Love Supreme

Bongani Madondo on the transitional path of Winnie Mandela from a Princess YamaNgutyana emaMpondweni into ‘Winnie The Great’

Cast the first stone: Our Mary Magdalene of the townships

A feast to paint Winnie Madikizela-Mandela as a black nationalist loony and a woman of loose morals kicked into gear even before her body was cold

Our favourite further mucker

The ‘man boy of all ages’ was one of the very best that South Africa – and the world – had to offer

Buyel’Ekhaya Mtase: This land of ours shrouded in song

Amid the fratricidal political mayhem threatening to rip the soul of the country asunder, a music festival proposes that local is the national

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