Bongani Madondo

Deep Read: Go tell it on the mountain

Bongani Madondo on the juju, trigger-happy cops, invincible men and the Marikana Massacre Blues.

Capitalists like me: It’s time to speak truth to power

Herman Mashaba is well known for his successful Black Like Me hair products empire. Now he spends his time taking on the enemies of the free market.

Eric Miyeni, blessed with a tongue that will not shut up

Eric Miyeni is a neon-headline lightbulb of a character and to his critics chagrin, he has just published his fifth book. Bongani Madondo reports.

All hail Sue, Sin City’s salon queen

Sue Mabale, host of one of Jo'burg's most eatery joints, died recently. Friend and former pub crawler Bongani Madondo doffs a hat to her spirit.

God doesn’t visit here no more

Bongani Madondo asks why black folk should inherit the earth and not heaven -- and other pertinent questions.

Save the last dance for me

<strong>Bongani Madondo</strong> has charted how the formerly rhythmic Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma lost his groove.

The last supper at club ZAR

Kenny Kunene's Johanneburg club closed last weekend. <strong>Bongani Madondo</strong> visited the bling king's chambers for the final boogie.

Robin Hood or The Man in a Bling-hood?

Bible-quoting 'Sushi King' Kenny Kunene gives the most open, intimate and bling-free interview of his life.

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